Instagram will enable users to upload photos and videos via desktop

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Instagram is allowing its users to add an image and post videos functionally from the desktop version of the platform as of October 21st. It has also planned to give a more concentrated plan to the social media managers to maintain their Instagram presence. The Instagram users were eagerly waiting for this and are finally getting it. Though they are not including the upload of stories and scroll during this stage, they are just providing you with the process that will promote ‘Publish Photos’ and videos in less than a minute. By the process of providing a way to upload content for each platform from one place, the users can more easily browse their various applications and posts that will help you to get rid of saving the images from different ways and then download from your mobile upload.

As per some screenshots that were leaked by Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram tested a choice of “+” sign to the top side of the desktop form of the application that will support users to upload videos and photos directly from their computers. Now, after a few weeks of working the platform is gradually rolling the PC uploading feature. For the time being, few selected users were given accessibility for the feature, presently users worldwide will be given access, and everyone can enjoy the new addition and the ease of posting. The social media apps researcher named Matt Navarra has first tweeted about this development of the app and mentioned that about the “+” sign and how to use it.

While various SMT (social media today) community members reported about this new feature saying that the users can upload by using the device selector in inspector mode on the website. If the users switch to a mobile view of the ( website then the users can be able to utilize the mobile functions on the desktop, so there were ways to do this. But the new feature will improve the process by making it a more collective and official system, in this way it could be a big boost for the social media manager who is looking for an organized workflow and can more easily use the graphics and visual effects made in other applications.

From time to time Instagram has been adding new features and making the applications effortless to use for their users. Last year Instagram add on the function to view live streams from the desktop version of the app while it also enhanced the story viewing experience on PC. Instagram has been providing more such ways to get a good Instagram experience just as to boost the number of users and provide them with the best they can.

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