Features that Twitter launched in 2021

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The micro-blogging site – Twitter launched several new and important features this year, which helped the experience of its user more pleasing and interesting for tweeting. In 2021, Twitter launched a bunch of new features like Birdwatch, Voice notes, uploading of 4k images, spaces, and many more. 

  1. Birdwatch was launched by Twitter to empower the users to work together and add helpful information against the misleading content and also rate the content. This program is currently being launched in the US for testing. 
  2. 4k image uploads, Twitter has now allowed the users, to upload 4k images on iOS and Android. The web version has a high resolution of 4096×4096 images but the mobile version only supports 2048×2048 image resolution for uploads.
  3. Twitter Spaces, are audio chat rooms, which allow users to invite other users and discuss various topics. The idea is to create a safe space for conversations in public. Spaces are live for as long as they’re open. When a Space is closed, it will no longer be available publicly on Twitter.
  4. Safety Mode will help users reduce the frequency of harmful comments. According to Twitter it temporarily autoblocks those responses to your tweets that contain harmful languages or those who send repetitively uninvited replies or mentions.
  5.  Improved Labels, will help the users know whether the tweet contains potential misinformation, the labels will appear with a color background, making it easily visible in the feed and making the users quickly check and accept the suggestions, which are redesigned and makes the misinformations labels easy to read.
  6. Bluetick verification, which is a verification procedure that puts a blue tick on leading profiles, is brought back by Twitter again in 2021. Twitter implemented a new verification application procedure and began reviewing public applications once again for providing the blue tick.
  7. Super Follow – Super Follow is a way for people to pay their favorite creators and Twitter users on a monthly basis for exclusive content. This feature gives Twitter creators the opportunity to earn monthly revenue by sharing tweets meant for paying subscribers.

Thus these are some of the best features Twitter added this year, for its users to easily access it and enjoy the features. And it shows that it really worked hard for its users. 

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