WhatsApp to soon let users transfer chats from Android to iOS

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According to WABetaInfo via (Android Central), WhatsApp is working on a feature that allows you to migrate your chat history between Android and iOS. Originally discovered by WABetaInfo in beta version for Android, the feature was first spotted in the latest WhatsApp beta version 22.2.74 for iOS. You may be able to move your WhatsApp conversations between Android and iOS with the Move to iOS app using both updates.

Moving to iOS is made easier with the ‘Move to iOS’ app, which transfers content such as contacts, message histories, photos, and email accounts seamlessly. You create a private Wi-Fi network and search for nearby Android devices once the app detects migration is in progress. Once you have selected yours, enter your security code, and the transfer will begin.

WABetaInfo previously tweeted  that iOS to Android transfers will take place soon, although only for Android versions 12 and higher. Will Cathcart, Head of WhatsApp, confirmed this by announcing that both phone ecosystems will get this feature soon. While users are still able to draw on images before sending them, WhatsApp is working on adding new editing features. The feature will include selecting between three types and sizes of pencil available for users. Blurring screenshots would be useful for sending out screenshots that contain sensitive information.

Several screenshots were also shared by WABetaInfo showing what the feature may look like. According to the images, WhatsApp will ask for permission before starting the transfer process; once it starts, you will be instructed to keep the app open and your phone unlocked during the transfer process.

Starting in September, WhatsApp began letting users migrate their chat histories from iOS to Samsung phones, and later added support for transferring chat histories to Google Pixels and other Android 12 devices as well. It remains unclear which devices will support the rumored feature, as well as when (or if) it will be launched. Transferring chats from Android to iOS would resolve a crucial loophole, but it is not clear when (or if) it will be available.

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