Accelo Mobility: Paving a sustainable way for tomorrow’s mobility

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Accelo Innovation Pvt. Ltd is a mobility startup that offers electric vehicles for middle-mile delivery and commute. The company was founded in 2017 and has a futuristic approach in the area of self-driving vehicles. The founding duo Arbaz Reza and Vrunda Nimje use their expertise in robotics and automobile technologies to build vehicles that ensure safety and sustainability in the long run.

Accelo started taking a lift when the founders collaborated on a college project. In the process, they developed a plug-and-play module for automobiles which helped in accident avoidance. They worked on this model for around one and a half years.

They realized that this should be tested on all the available automobile models in the market. The extended testing and lengthy certification process required for commercialization led to the founders shifting their focus to developing an electric vehicle. On top of that, the plug-and-play module worked well with an electric vehicle. So, with their experience and a mission to incorporate ‘electric’ with autonomous, Accelo Mobility was born.

The Innovation of Accelo Mobility

Accelo uses a proprietary skateboard technology that can be used in multiple ways. This skateboard is named ISAAC. The floor of this board consists of all the electric controls like battery and remote suspensions. Since the entire weight is on the base of this board, it helps to maintain the vehicle’s center of gravity and increases stability.

The skateboard was designed efficiently so that it could incorporate different body configurations. For example, if you attach a cabin on top of it, it results in a small shuttle or minibus. Similarly, a driver’s cabin with a flatbed makes it a truck. This makes Accelo’s products customizable according to the users’ requirements.

This option of customization is not only available concerning their design but also the technology of their products. For places that do not require vehicles with a speed of 60 km/hr, a lower power motor can be used or the number of batteries can also be reduced and vice versa. In this way, the overall design of the vehicle remains the same and its capacity can be changed just by making a few tweaks.

Products offered by Accelo

Accelo has curated two products; ISAAC Shuttle and ISAAC Delivery also known as an LCV (light commercial vehicle). In October 2021, ISAAC Shuttle started rolling out in the market. ISAAC Shuttle is a semi-autonomous electric vehicle that has features like long battery life and advanced camera analytics for added safety. This can be used in campus commute, on golf courses, at airports, etc. It has a range of 100kilometres with a speed of up to 40 km/hr which is appropriate for use.

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Accelo Flatbed

With similar features, the LCV is used for middle-mile logistics and has a payload capacity of 2 tons. They can be used for logistics between hubs i.e. intercity or intracity logistics and from the main warehouse to go downs. This product has been piloted with a few companies and will start rolling out after the company receives its ARAI Certification.

Accelo Shuttle

Why choose Accelo?

The team of Accelo leads with the ‘Make in India’ initiative by developing the majority of their technologies in their facilities and collaborating with contract manufacturers to form an assembly line, helping them to mass manufacture their products.

The logistics market is quite huge and the founders want to make transportation sustainable. As of now, the company is expanding its manufacturing and expects to release around 100 vehicles by the end of this year. 

Vrunda Nimje, co-founder of Accelo told Sociobits, “Accelo reduces the operational cost by 30-35% because the vehicles are electric and the maintenance of an electric vehicle is 1/5th as compared to a vehicle that uses diesel. This is the major selling point for customers.”

Accelo reduces the operational cost by 30-35% because the vehicles are electric and the maintenance of an electric vehicle is 1/5th as compared to a vehicle that uses diesel.

This extraordinary startup was also a part of the first edition of TIIPS Incubation, a platform where startups are given a chance to meet with investors and mentors. This event was organized by JBIMS, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies in association with Touchwood Advisory and Management.

Organized in December 2021, it included hosts like Dr. Srinivasan .R Iyengar, Director of JBIMS, Mr. Ganesh Gokhale, Founder of Touchwood Advisory and Management and Mr. Mayur Bansal, Serial Entrepreneur, running ventures into Tech & Media space, Production house, Gaming, Co-founder of Neta G.


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