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A lot has changed after COVID-19 raided our social lives. While some companies are allowing fifty percent of people to be back in the office, many are considering the work from home policy indefinitely. Between this shift, there is one thing that slowly gained a lot of attention- the Metaverse. Metaverse can be described as a shared virtual space and people can access it through their phones, desktop and VR or AR devices.

After spending a year on Zoom or Google Meet, video calling is getting a little outdated and it’s almost time for something more interesting to take over our lives. Yes, you got the answer right it’s the Metaverse. Slowly, almost every big company or brand has dipped its toes in virtual reality. While Facebook changed its name to Meta, many others have made heavy investments to gear up for what’s coming.

While there are many platforms that give you a bite of the future of entertainment and work, Spatial is a virtual platform that enables you to create a 3D avatar in two to three simple steps and experience different public rooms pre-designed on their website. You can also create your own spaces or get invited to spaces by using a simple link. Today, more and more companies have been opting for Spatial to conduct discussions and meetings. Using Spatial through a VR is a completely different experience but you can also access it through your desktop or phone. It has video and audio features that let you communicate as well as see each other in the world. Spatial is also becoming popular for NFT and Non-NFT art exhibitions.

Video: Spatial YouTube

Spatial gives you a feeling that you are actually sitting with someone who may stay miles away from you. This virtual space has simple gestures that you can control through your keyboard or can be automatically detected through movement while using a VR. You can integrate various objects, models, videos, notes in this world to make your meetings and meet-ups more realistic. Spatial is several steps ahead of the simple video calling feature and may create an emphasis on having a virtual avatar in the future.

Although Spatial is a great introduction to the virtual world, it has several competitors and this is only going to increase. It also has limitations and one day it may get replaced by some other form of the virtual world because just like time, technology waits for nobody.

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