Elongate: Tesla CEO Elon Musk stays in the news but for a different reason this time

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Another day, Another Elon Musk article. But this one doesn’t include Twitter or any of his witty responses. This one has a horse, an unwanted penis and Elon asking to describe his private parts.

So this whole thing took place in 2016, where if reports are to be believed, Elon Musk flashed himself in front of a SpaceX flight attendant. According to a declaration which was made to support the attendants claim and was signed by a friend of hers who she confided in, the flight attendant was encouraged to get licensed as a masseuse when she took the job. This was done so that she could give private massages to Mr. Musk on flights.

On one such flight the attendant claims to have been asked to give a full body massage to Mr. Musk. When she went to his private cabin, she says she found him naked and he further offered to  buy her a horse if she would do more, referring to them engaging sexually. She refused and that’s when things started going sour between her and the company. Her friend talks about how she faced retaliation in the form of cutting back her shifts. The declaration in the end talks about how the flight attendant felt like “she was being pushed out and punished for refusing to prostitute herself.”

Hours after Insider came out with this news, it surely prompted a response from the SpaceX CEO. Elon Musk came up with another cheeky tweet as he said that finally he has a scandal to his name now which can be called ‘Elongate’, referencing his own tweet from last year. Mr. Musk also tweeted as to how these stories about him are planted and how this narrative is politically driven. Further, he went on to challenge the woman in question saying that if this did happen then she should be able to reveal at least one scar or tattoo or anything else which the world doesn’t know.

It’s also interesting to know that this news has come up a couple of days after Mr. Musk tweeted and said that he will be voting for the Republican party now and not the Democrats. He ended the tweet by saying how their tricks to defame him will begin now.

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