Instagram gets a visual revamp, comes up with custom fonts called ‘Instagram Sans’

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Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms of the last decade, has come up with another major update in which we will see a lot of visual changes. These updates include everything from a new logo, new typefaces, new colors, and a lot of other elements to make the app look and feel more aesthetic.

The first visual change comes in the form of Instagram’s iconic rainbow gradient. The polaroid which was previously still now changes between multiple colors depending on your interaction with the app. “The Instagram gradient made up of our brand colors is the foundation of our complete color system.” Instagram also stated that “Through illumination, the gradient signals moments of discovery in our marketing, logo and even in-app as seen in Create mode, stickers and Instagram Story rings.”

The Meta-owned company has also come up with its new global typeface called Instagram Sans. This new font is inspired by the design elements of the company itself, its logo, and its wordmark. They have made the new typeface keeping in mind their distinct identity. According to Instagram, their goal was to make Instagram Sans globally acceptable for people all across to express themselves on stories and reels. To achieve the same Instagram partnered with language experts around the world to make the font more adaptive for global scripts such as Thai, Arabic, and Japanese. The company has also tried to make the font feel “more human” by adding subtle nuances to the typeface making it look like it was written by a human. 

Instagram has also taken a very fresh approach towards its layout and they have primarily focused on simplicity and self-expression through the platform. The new design system also puts the content at the forefront as the app will now have full-screen imagery, making it an immersive experience for the user.

As the update has already started rolling out for all devices, it will be interesting to see people’s opinions about this ambitious virtual refresh from Instagram.

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