It’s official! Mukesh Khanna will be a part of the Shaktimaan trilogy with Sony Pictures

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Any 90s kid that was into superhero shows or not may have definitely heard of one superhero. Yes, you guessed it. It’s Shaktimaan! Shaktimaan was a popular Indian Superhero TV show that aired on DD National and although the 2000s kids may or may not have watched it, they would definitely be aware of the show and this news will definitely grab their attention.

All of us know that Shaktimaan was played by the popular actor and producer, Mr. Mukesh Khanna. Mr. Khanna was also popular for his role of Bheeshma Pitamah in B. R. Chopra’s Mahabharat. But, Shaktimaan has been in the news for quite some time and this is because it was recently announced that a movie, in fact, a trilogy of the famous character will be released soon. Here’s an update, Mr. Khanna told Sociobits that he will be a part of it!

While fans should calm their excitement, we noticed the teaser of the upcoming Shaktimaan movie that was released by Sony Pictures India on their YouTube channel. It was but natural that questions like who will play the role of Shaktimaan? And will Mukesh Khanna will be a part of it? started to take rounds on the internet. We don’t have all the answers. But yes, we have some exciting stuff that fans can look forward to.

Video Credits: Sony Pictures India

In an exclusive interview with Sociobits, the actor shared that he is excited about the movie as it is being created in association with him and his company Bheeshm International as you can also see in the teaser.

Mr. Khanna said, “ I can only speak as much as I am allowed to and the biggest thing to share is that, the movie is being created with me. There are not one but three films being created; it’s a trilogy and the budget is 100-200 crores. So, it’s a big relief for me to tell the audience that YES! I AM COMING BACK. I cannot share any more details but all I can say is that I am associated with them.”

“So, it’s a big relief for me to tell the audience that YES! I AM COMING BACK.”

-Mr. Mukesh Khanna

He also added that he could have given the right of the movie to any production company in the span of ten years but he wanted to make this movie while keeping the soul of Shaktimaan alive and with a reliable partner. Looks like he has found a partner i.e. Sony Pictures, the creators of Spiderman.

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He said, “It took two years for us to create this because I didn’t want to change a lot of things in the movie and I wished to keep the soul of Shaktimaan alive. I cannot share any more details but all I can say is that I am associated with them.”

Featured Image Credits: Shaktimaan Movie Announcement | Sony Pictures India- YouTube

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