12 quotes by Anupam Mittal that will change every entrepreneur’s life

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The life of an entrepreneur is never easy. It has ups and downs all the time and to navigate through this, they need a lot of motivation. Entrepreneurs who have achieved great heights of success always have pieces of advice that can help budding entrepreneurs grow.

Mr. Anupam Mittal, The founder, and CEO of People Group and Shaadi.com is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in our country. He has built multiple successful brands and always inspired many people through his story. He was also a part of the TV show Shark Tank India on Sony Television as one of the Sharks. Here are 10 quotes by Shark Anupam Mittal that every entrepreneur can apply in their entrepreneurial journey:

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  1. Be a human first and then an entrepreneur.
  2. Vishwaas apne aap mei paida karo kyuki vishwaas ke bina aadmi 10 kadam bhi nahi chal sakta. (Build faith in yourself because without faith a man cannot walk even 10 steps.)
  3. When you get a purpose, you start flying high.

“The only difference between successful and unsuccessful people is perseverance.”

– Anupam Mittal, CEO and Founder of People Group
  1. It takes 10, 15, or 20 years to reach the peak of success.
  2. You must understand the rules before breaking the rules.
  3. Building a business is a struggle like life.
  4. The only difference between successful and unsuccessful people is perseverance.
  5. When you treat your struggle as a game, it will become fun for you. If you get wrapped up in yourself, you become unhappy.
  1. Independent thinking is critical.
  2. Life is never straight. The line of life is sometimes forward, sometimes backward, sometimes up, and sometimes down. You have to persevere in your work.
  3. Jo jee jaan lagaake, junoon, jidd, aur jigyansa se jaayedaad banaate hai, uss hi ko entrepreneur kehte hai. (The one who builds property with all his life, passion, stubbornness, and zeal, is called an entrepreneur.)
  4. You have to bet big to win big.

Sharks like Anupam Mittal have a lot of advice that not just entrepreneurs but all of us can learn from. Mr. Anupam Mittal is a strong-headed investor and businessman. These quotes by him will definitely inspire everyone.

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