TCS, Infosys, LIC and HDFC join the list of Kantar’s 100 most valuable global firms

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TCS, Infosys, LIC, and HDFC were recently featured in Kantar Brandz, 2022 Most Valuable Global Brands report. These four Indian companies have joined the elusive list with companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

TCS took the crown of the most valuable global brand coming out of India as they came in at the 46th spot on the list. Kantar Brandz made out the company’s brand value to be somewhere near $50 billion in their report. Significant progress can be seen here from the company as in 2021 they were ranked at 58. They have come up with 12 positions since.

Infosys, a debutant on the list was ranked at the 64th position. Its brand value is estimated to be close to $33 billion, 33 percent more than before. Wipro, however, was missing from the top 100 list. HDFC too saw an increase of 35 percent in its brand value while it ranked up five positions and stood at the 61st position as the second biggest brand in India. 

Strangely, LIC lost its footing as it saw its rank falling by 19 positions and coming in at 92. The brand value of the life insurance company stood at $23 billion while its brand value was down by 4 percent compared to 2021.

“The presence of TCS and Infosys in the APAC Kantar Brandz Top 10 is not a fluke. Indian-born consulting companies have combined high-quality of human resources in India with innovative technological platforms, which unlock their employees’ capabilities. Today, India ranks number two on funded unicorns and number one in soon-to-be unicorns.”

Wayne Levings, President APAC, insights division, Kantar.

TCS was the second biggest brand in the Asia Specific Region, second only to Samsung. Samsung has a brand value of $54 billion. India, as a country has had a huge growth in stable and profit-generating home-grown businesses. The report talks about the Indian Detergent brand Ghari and talks about how they have used aggressive pricing and trust-building quality controls to become the biggest detergent brand in India. That too they achieved this feat in less than a decade. 

This comes in as a piece of good news amidst the talks of Indian startups and companies making losses in 2022.

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