Twitter officially introduced their ‘Notes’ feature yesterday

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Social Media Moghuls, Twitter announced yesterday that they are going to come up with Twitter ‘Notes’. Notes are going to be a way of writing and publishing, long-form content on the app. With this Twitter will also be giving its users the ability to express themselves well, without the fear of running out of the available 280 characters.

The company states that currently, only select users from the UK, US, Ghana, and Canada have the access to this feature. The feature is still in its initial testing phase. Twitter also says that Notes can be read on and off Twitter by people in most countries. “We plan to gradually expand the number of people with access to this feature. The timing will depend on what we learn during the current test,” the company said.

The users who are a part of the testing team will get to access a new ‘Write’ tab. Whenever they want to access all of their notes or write a new one, they can use this tab. The company is also testing to offer you a ‘Notes’ tab, a feature in your profile that will store your published work, making it easier for new people to connect with you and get access to your write-ups.

These new features will allow the users to create notes up to 2,500 words, a major upgrade in comparison to the current limitation of 280 characters. Users will get around 100 characters for the title. With this feature, users of Twitter will get the chance to include rich formatting and editing to their articles to make them more appealing.

 One of these features also includes the ability to embed tweets, GIFs, photos, and videos into their Notes. Similar to tweets, Notes too will have their own link and can be separately tweeted, retweeted, and even sent in DM’s. Just like Twitter’s announcement in April that they are working on an edit feature for tweets, Notes will have its own edit option as well which will allow you to edit a note after being published.

The published note will be visible as a note card to readers across all platforms. One will need to click on the preview that will be available on these cards, which will then lead to the actual note. This comes across as a very drastic change from the platform, which previously focused on short tweets. However, there is no denying the fact that this change will surely add more value to the posts that will be made. 

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Twitter seems to be working hard on updating its features and giving the users a more enjoyable experience. Although any new updates about the Elon Musk and Twitter saga are not available, the last we heard was that the company agreed to provide Musk with the ‘firehose’ internal data for clarifying his claims on the bot account problem.


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