40+ AI Prompt Examples for Digital Marketers to Use in 2024


We’ll go over some real-world examples in this post of how marketers can use ChatGPT to supplement various digital marketing channels with content marketing. As we’ll see, being able to Prompt AI tools will be essential, so before we go over particular applications for the various digital marketing channels, let’s see a few alternative Prompting strategies.

In the prompt examples, we will focus on organic and paid search and social media marketing, but starting with email marketing.

What is ‘Prompt Engineering‘?

Numerous publications currently exist around prompting ChatGPT, and experimenting with your method will teach you some “best practices.” It’s being referred to as “Prompt Engineering” by some, but we believe that’s exaggerating the situation—it’s definitely not an engineering field! Common sense can be used to test your approach and apply some basic rules of thumb.

Understanding Zero, One and Few Shot prompts for Digital AI Tools

Known as “Zero shot” by AI experts, ChatGPT is a sophisticated natural language generation (NLG) model that operates without the need for prompts. Still, knowing this is helpful, and we’ll see that it functions much better if you can be more precise, that is, provide it with more precise context by giving it instances and more thorough instructions (‘One shot’ or ‘Few shot’).

To raise the caliber of ChatGPT output, we will need to get the straightforward new expertise of prompting. We must use our knowledge and expertise to act as what some are referring to as “Prompt Engineers”—we cannot simply rely on AI. It is a talent similar to picking up Google – In the same way that some people’s experience makes them more adept at using Google to get answers. Nevertheless, since the Chatbots use natural language, just like Google, they do not require explicit “Advanced search” commands or syntax.

We may now discuss the AI prompts that you arrived for. We’ll go through a few different categories, with five instances in each.

These are not meant to be exact samples; rather, they are meant to help you get a sense of the kinds of things you could say in your prompts. For example, if you work in manufacturing, you wouldn’t use that precise prompt if you saw an example asking ChatGPT for pest management advice.

In light of that, consider these are AI prompt examples for marketers!

  • Research:

One method artificial intelligence (AI) tools can assist you is in performing cursory research on a subject. The following are some examples of research prompts that you could use:

  1. “Explain the work of the information technology industry in less than 100 words.”
  2. “Explain five products that metal fabricators manufacture.”
  3. “What advantages does influencer marketing offer?”
  4. “List the top five digital marketing tactics that companies should employ.”
  5. “How do platforms for enterprise resources operate? Describe in little more than 200 words.
  • Article Outline:

It’s not a good idea, as you may have heard previously, to have AI tol compose an entire post for you. But AI tool might be helpful in creating basic article outlines that you can utilize to construct the actual pages.

You can use the following AI prompts to generate content outlines:

  1. “Create a blog article outline titled “Best Pest Control Tips.” Add a summary, ten suggestions, and an introduction.
  2. “Write an article outline outlining the advantages of working with a financial consulting firm in less than 200 words.”
  3. “Create a three-minute video outline explaining how to build a birdhouse.”
  4. “Create a page outline outlining the services offered by [your company].”
  5. Create a synopsis for a piece of writing titled “What Does Finance Software do?”
  • Social Media:

AI can assist you with content creation for more than just blogs and articles; it can even manage social media. Naturally, it’s crucial to remember that you shouldn’t only copy and paste the information that AI tool provides. Instead, you can use the answers to these questions as a jumping off point for your posts:

  1. “Write a brief Instagram post promoting the new blender from [your company] in less than 50 words.”
  2. “Make a Twitter post announcing a special August 50% off sale on shirts from [your company].”
  3. “Create a Facebook post promoting a recently released vacuum cleaner product. Maintain a professional yet relaxed tone.
  4. “Create a LinkedIn post highlighting the [amount of money] that [your company] helped its clients make last year.” Keep the post to no more than 100 words and adopt a formal tone.”
  5. “Write a light hearted social media post urging people to purchase the Christmas sweater line from [your company] this December.”
  • Email Marketing:

Lastly, here are a few email marketing prompts. Similar to social media, you should not copy and paste the answers you receive, but they can provide you with a rudimentary framework.

  1. “Create a subject line for an email promoting a 25% off shoe purchase at your company.”
  2. “Write a 50–100 word email promoting the manufacturing services offered by your company.”
  3. “Write an email urging parents to purchase their children’s school supplies from your business in August. Put it in fewer than a hundred words.
  4. “Create an email newsletter outline for your business.” Write it in a range of 300 to 400 words.
  5. “Write an email promoting a new line of phone cases in a lighthearted and informal tone in less than 100 words.”
  • Lead Generation:

The process of drawing potential customers to your company and piquing their interest from prospect to customer is known as lead generation. If given in the AI prompt, AI can enable marketers to draw in more potential clients depending on the attributes of buyer personas. The examples that follow demonstrate how to obtain those personalized outcomes.

1. Come up with concepts for a new product launch that combines the season and tone themes in month.

2. Come up with ideas for a blog post about subject that is number words or less and is formatted with H2s and H3s appropriately for search engine optimization.

3. Make recommendations for topic’s high-volume keyword clusters to improve search engine rankings.

4. Determine the prevailing trends in the product or service market that the target audience will find appealing for the forthcoming season.

5. Create concepts for a forthcoming marketing campaign centered around new product using the following components of the marketing mix: product, pricing, place, promotion channels.

6. Provide number suggestions for enhancing website traffic in holiday season.

7. Determine which region target groups could be interested in purchasing product to address pain point.

8. Make fresh lead generating recommendations for market and industry.

9. Using popular memes from month, year or recent social media platform trending audios, come up with concepts for a viral social media campaign.

10. Apart from existing platforms already in use, identify new avenues for advertising product.

  • Create Podcast or Video Content:

It can be really draining to come up with podcast or video ideas on your own. Fortunately, if you ask AI to do so in your prompt, it may come up with ideas for them and even guide you through the scripting and development process. View the various prompt formats that can assist you in producing multimedia material.

1. Create number of subjects for a video series that includes industry thought leaders’ interviews.

2. Create a four-chapter audio episode outlining the advantages of goods or services.

3. Produce a video series that highlights success stories from clients.

4. Write a podcast episode about the development and history of industry or brand.

5. Create a series of videos explaining the best methods to use goods or services in a number of variations.

6. Produce a podcast episode with a roundtable discussion of industry experts on subjects.

7. Come up with concepts for a video series that shows your business’s inner workings.

8. Create a draft of a podcast episode with number minutes of conversation about the newest industry developments and trends.

  • Content Promotion:

AI for best practices can be used by marketers seeking for more efficient ways to sell their goods or services. With reliable AI prompts, discover the various channels, advice, and techniques that this technology can provide.

1. Craft a press statement that seems assured, thrilling, and fascinating, announcing the debut of a new product targeted at target audience.

2. Come up with concepts for outreach emails that will advertise a new product. These emails should have number clear calls to action and number attention-grabbing subject lines.

3. Write a guest post explaining how product affects marketing strategy for a well-known industry site.

4. To reach target audience, recommend the number most effective hashtags for a social media campaign on social media platform.

5. Write a script for a humorous, lighthearted 60-second podcast advertisement that appeals to the characteristics of the target demographic.

6. Provide the ideal day and time of week for subject blog post publication.

7. Write a screenplay for a television ad that promotes product and has number actors in setting.

8. Write a number-sentence product description that appeals to target audience for an online store.

9. Come up with concepts for cross-promotion with other companies in the market, particularly with brand names.

Final Thoughts!

AI is starting to be very helpful for marketers in a variety of ways. Use precise and succinct prompts while utilizing this technology to ensure that your team gets the outcomes they desire.

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