Understanding Certificate of Liability Insurance and Tips on Filling Up One

A Certificate of Liability Insurance is a document that provides proof of insurance coverage. It is often required by businesses or individuals as a condition of entering into a contract or agreement.


A liability insurance policy covers accidental property damage and injuries caused to others. Liability insurance also covers copyright infringement, advertising injury, and reputational harm. If your business is required to have liability insurance, you will also be asked to show a certificate of liability insurance. 

Thankfully, it’s easy to get a certificate of liability insurance. Many templates are also available online in various formats, including PDF. It is easy to fill out your certificate of liability insurance PDF. This article will help you understand the certificate of liability insurance and provide a few tips on filling out the form. 

What Is A Certificate of Liability Insurance?

A certificate of liability insurance is also known as Acord 25. This is the document that proves your business has liability insurance. You need this document to show your clients that you have insurance coverage. Small business owners, consultants, marketing firms, landscaping services, IT contractors, and janitorial services are some professions needing this certificate. 

For example, if you are a contractor, you want to let your clients know that you and your team are covered in case of accidents. This will also let clients know you have coverage in case of an accident on the job site. 

The certificate of liability insurance includes basic information about your insurance policy. The information includes your business name, insured business owner, policy number, and insurance company’s name. The certificate also shows the policy date coverage, coverage limits, types of coverage, and deductibles. 

How to Get a Copy of Certificate of Liability Insurance?

There are two ways to obtain a copy of your certificate of liability insurance: 

  • Downloading the form online 
  • Contacting your insurance company 

Some insurance companies allow you to download a digital copy from their website. Or you can download a template, fill it up, and send it to the person requesting a copy.

If you prefer a physical copy from the insurance company instead of a digital one, you can ask your insurance agent to request a copy. They can mail you the hard copy or send a digital copy to your email. 

Tips on Filling Up a Certificate of Liability Insurance Form

Normally, the insurance company will fill up the Acord 25 form and issue it to you along with your policy. But if you need to fill out a copy, you need to fill up all the necessary details and write legibly. 

You need to fill in the names and contact information of the insured parties and the insurance company. Next, check off what types of coverage are included in your policy. Write the policy number in the appropriate column. You also need to provide the insurance policy’s effective date and expiration date. 

There is a column in the form where you must describe the business or property being covered. Lastly, you need to ensure that both the certificate holder and a representative of the insurance company will sign the document.

Easily Fill Out Your Form Online

If you’ve downloaded a template but don’t have the right software to fill out your certificate of liability insurance, fret not. Various websites are available where you can easily upload your template and edit your documents. Some tools offer free templates, so you don’t have to search for the form separately.

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