OpenAI Enhances DALL-E with Image Editing and ChatGPT Integration

OpenAI's DALL-E, has taken a significant step forward with its latest iteration, DALL-E 3. This third-generation update brings powerful new image editing capabilities to ChatGPT, ChatGPT Plus, and ChatGPT Enterprise users.


OpenAI’s DALL-E has received a major upgrade, adding new editing capabilities to the AI platform. The first version of DALL-E was announced in January 2021, and now, three years later, the third generation, DALL-E 3, has been released to ChatGPT, ChatGPT Plus, and ChatGPT Enterprise customers in October. This update brings image editing tools to DALL-E when using it within ChatGPT.

OpenAI’s DALL-E, the image generation model, now has new features to make creating AI-generated images easier and more inspiring. Users can now edit images directly within ChatGPT, whether on the web or mobile, streamlining the creative process.

The new features are available on both web and mobile. One of the key additions is preset style suggestions, similar to AI-generated wallpaper prompts on Android, which help enhance image creation. OpenAI has also informed users about the update through a post on X. Users can now edit DALL-E images in ChatGPT on the web, iOS, and Android.

The latest version of DALL-E focuses on improving user-friendliness, including integrating with ChatGPT to simplify image creation. These updates aim to make it easier for users to express their ideas.

The new style prompts are designed for both experienced creators and beginners, offering a starting point for those facing a creative block. With predefined styles and examples, DALL-E helps users start their creative projects with confidence, while still encouraging them to experiment and express their unique style. DALL-E has introduced style suggestions to spark creativity, similar to Android’s wallpaper prompts. These suggestions, ranging from woodcut to gothic, synthwave to hand-drawn, come with examples to help users choose their preferred style.

A new ‘select’ button allows users to highlight specific sections of images for editing. Users can change the design of objects in an image or add new ones. The update also includes usability features such as undo and redo buttons. Users can adjust the aspect ratio of the image and access new style suggestions.

While AI keeps advancing, trust in AI-generated content is still a concern. OpenAI is trying to address this with DALL-E 3 by adding visible watermarks and metadata to AI-created images. It’s a positive step, but ensuring content is tamper-proof remains a challenge that needs new ideas and cooperation.

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