8 Valentine’s Day Digital Marketing Strategies that every brand can use to reach more customers

Valentine's Day- 8 simple Digital Marketing Strategies that will help your brand grow on this day of love.


Valentine’s season is the season of love. Usually, only couples are excited about valentine’s week but this is also a great opportunity for brands to cheer up and target their best potential customers. After Christmas, this is the perfect opportunity when people give each other tons of gifts and as a brand you should have efficient ways to reach out to maximum customers. To relieve your stress, here are seven digital ways you can use to digitally market your products:

1. Create an Interactive Social Media Challenge

When you think of digital marketing, you think of social media. Today, using social media effectively can make or break your presence. It is also the easiest way to connect with a large amount of people.

Creating campaigns and organizing giveaways are a great way to encourage your customers to participate in this season. A great example of this is GIVA, an online silver jewellery store. GIVA started a #LoveBytesWithGIVA campaign in which they encouraged people to share what love means to them.

2. Promoting Relevant Product

Valentine’s week includes a lot of designated days that come prior like, chocolate day, rose day, teddy day; and every day is a new opportunity for you to promote the right product. Like Theobroma, Valentine’s special desserts. Promoting or highlighting products that revolve around this day is a good way to reach more customers.

3. Target Last-minute buyers

Be it an anniversary or Valentine’s Day, someone is bound to forget a special day. As a digital marketer you can create an out-of-the-box solution for your customer.

Swiggy, a food-delivery application, has created a special ‘moments’ category in their application. Through this category, users can choose from a range of products that are specially catalogued for Valentine’s Day. The best part is, users can attach a personal video or message card which will be displayed to the receiver through a link. This message is OTP protected so no one else can watch the video.  

Image Credits: Swiggy app

4. Give a twist to your brand

Who said Valentine s Day is only for couples? Challenge this stereotype and come up with something so that everyone, even single people can celebrate this day of love. KitKat launched a ‘Love Break’ campaign a week before Valentine’s Day. It shares that every relationship has its own unique way of expression. As part of this campaign, the company created 12 million packs with unique digital prints. Similarly, you can give your own twist to Valentine’s Day and share it.

5. Limited Edition Products

Thinking of Limited Edition products, the best example that can come to our mind is Dairy Milk Silk. Every year Dairymilk comes up with a different chocolate bar pattern to reach out to its customers during Valentine’s Day. A few years back Silk came out with a heart design in the middle of the chocolate bar.

If you check out Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk’s website, you will find a secret message maker, which enables you to create a special digital message for your loved one. Your loved one can watch this message on any billboard of Dairy Milk Silk. This can be a grand display of affection created with a few clicks.

6. Storytelling through Visual Marketing

Telling a story that has a lot of emotions complements the day of love. There is no better opportunity to show your users a heart-touching story than Valentine’s Day.

Google had made a video that displayed a story just using the Google search box. Something as simple as that has the power to touch millions of heart. This video was released in 2009 and still comes across as a classic visual marketing example.

7. Email Marketing and Push Messages

For your loyal customers, you can create special referrals and send it to them through email or text message. This can also include exclusive deals for users who have subscribed to your newsletter or are your existing customer. This is also an easy way to win the hearts of your user.

8. Influencer Marketing

Influencers have gained a lot of popularity since a couple of years now. Influencers have a fan or following base that trusts them. Promoting your product through influencers will not only increase the reach of your product, but also increase its credibility.

These are the latest digital marketing strategies that you can use to help your brand grow. These strategies will make you stand out of the crowd and what better day to express your love towards your followers than Valentine’s Day?

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