AI Users Double in Just Six Months, 75% of Global Workers Now Rely on AI: Report


The survey found that a large majority of AI users experienced positive effects. For example, 90% said it helped them save time, 85% were able to focus on their most important tasks, 84% felt more creative, and 83% enjoyed their work more.

In the past six months, there has been a significant increase in the number of people using AI, almost doubling. According to the “2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report” by Microsoft and LinkedIn, about 75% of global knowledge workers now use AI in their workplaces.

The report highlights that employees are increasingly relying on personal AI tools to cope with the fast pace and high volume of work. However, while business leaders understand the importance of AI, many feel that their organizations lack a clear strategy to effectively use AI to improve business outcomes.

The pressure to show immediate returns on investment is also making some leaders hesitant, even though the integration of AI into businesses is seen as inevitable.

The report’s survey shows that using AI has been beneficial for many users. Around 90% said it helped them save time, 85% could focus on important tasks better, 84% felt more creative, and 83% enjoyed their work more after using AI.

Regarding company leaders, about 79% agree that adopting AI is crucial for staying competitive. However, 59% are concerned about measuring its productivity gains.

What’s interesting is that AI users are not just young or tech-savvy individuals. People of all ages are embracing AI tools. The survey found that Gen Z (18-28 years) leads with 85% usage, followed by Millennials (29-43 years) at 78%, and Gen X (44-57 years) at 76%. Even older individuals are using AI based on their needs.

Despite worries about AI replacing jobs, the report provides a nuanced view. While 45% of employees fear job loss due to AI, an almost equal number (46%) are thinking about changing jobs because they see better opportunities.

LinkedIn studies in the US show a 14% increase in job applications per role since last fall, with 85% of professionals considering a job change this year. Employers are also valuing AI skills more, with 66% saying they wouldn’t hire someone without them. Furthermore, 71% prefer hiring less experienced candidates with AI skills over more experienced ones without them. And 77% believe that AI will enable early-career talent to take on more responsibilities.

In conclusion, the report suggests that AI is boosting creativity and productivity, giving job seekers an advantage. It predicts that AI will transform every aspect of work, and companies that embrace this change will excel.

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