Ashneer Grover’s Third Unicorn raises seed round


Ashneer Grover, formerly of BharatPe, has been successful in raising early finance in the amount of $4 million for his new venture, Third Unicorn Pvt Ltd. This is incredibly encouraging news for those who work in the startup environment because Grover has a great deal of experience in the financial industry.

In the first few months of 2021, Grover departed BharatPe after leading the company through a period of phenomenal growth during which time he was in charge. During his tenure as CEO, BharatPe evolved from a straightforward mobile payment platform into a comprehensive suite of financial services for small enterprises. These services now include loans, insurance, and the ability to handle online payments. In response to a question, Grover’s experience working at BharatPe will prove to be beneficial to him as he launches his own company.

Because Third Unicorn has chosen to operate in stealth mode, very little information about the company is now publically available. Nonetheless, Grover has demonstrated an interest in establishing a company that provides solutions to serious problems while also serving the needs of its customers. During an interview with the Economic Times, he made the following statement: “In my opinion, one of the most important things to focus on is developing the next generation of the internet. For me, a successful end would be the creation of a platform that enables fundamental alterations in the ways in which people engage with one another.”

Among the investors who led the $4 million seed round, Lightspeed India Partners, Matrix Partners India, and Sequoia Capital India’s Surge were some of the participants. These are all highly respected venture capital firms that have a track record of backing innovative companies that have proven to be successful.

Obtaining initial funding, often known as seed capital, is an essential first step for any new organisation. In order for startups to be eligible for more investment, it assists them in proving their concept, improving their offering, and gaining momentum in the market. In addition to this, it gives them the skills they need to put together a formidable team and get the company expansion started.

Ashneer Grover and Third Unicorn are just getting started now that they have received their startup funding. Because of Grover’s extensive knowledge and the support of big investors, the company has the potential to become a dominant force not only in the fintech industry but also in other industries as well.

As a final point of interest, the fact that Ashneer Grover was successful in securing $4 million in seed money for Third Unicorn Pvt Ltd. is excellent news for the startup community. Because of Grover’s established track record and the support of top-tier investors, Third Unicorn has the potential to become a significant influence not only in the financial business but also in other industries as well. It will be fascinating to keep an eye on what the organisation decides to do in the future as well as the effect that this has on the business sector.

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