Top Trending Songs to use in Navratri 2023 for Reels


Social media plays an important role to showcase your life in today’s digital generation. In today’s world we find people using social media all day, posting pictures and reels. Also, during festivals we find many making videos to post it on Instagram as it makes their social media handles more creative, more viral and for more views obviously.

As Navratri is approaching, we find reels with a lot of trending Navratri songs, may it be Gujrati Dandiya Beats or Bollywood Garba beats. A list of Gujrati garba songs is going viral and we have bought it to you to ease your social media game during Navratri. As devotees and enthusiasts prepare to embrace the nine nights of devotion and festivity, the perfect soundtrack becomes essential to set the mood. In this selection of the “Best Songs for Navratri Reels,” we’ve curated a dynamic playlist of energetic, foot-tapping tunes that will infuse your Navratri reels with an infectious fervor, ensuring that your dance moves and festive moments are perfectly synchronized with the beats of the season.

Here are 20 best songs for Navratri to put on reels for more views

1. Dholida

The famous Gujrati Bollywood song Dholida casting Alia Bhat is from the amazing movie Gangubai Kathiyawadi. The amazing beats and the amazing dance steps made waves everywhere. The immense popularity of the song makes it one of the best songs to use in Instagram reels for your graceful garba steps.

2. Udi Udi jaye

In Shah Rukh Khan’s 2017 film “Raees,” the delightful song “Udi Udi Jaye” stands out from the typical fast-paced Garba tunes with its more relaxed, yet festive rhythm. Bhoomi Trivedi, Karsan Sargathiya, and Sukhwinder Singh sang this unique addition to your Navratri playlist. The amazing Gujrati beats make it a trending song to use during the Navratri festivals on Social Media.

3. Moti Verana

Amit Trivedi composed song ‘Moti Verana’ is dedicated to the goddess ‘Amba’. The lyrics, the tune and the beats have typical Gujrati Vibe. The song is very trending these days. Osman Mir gave Amit Trivedi a very good support to make this song one of the top songs in Gujrati Garba chart.

4. Tari Madh Mithi Vaate

Jigardan Gadhvi, a very well known singer of Gujrati Music has made a recommended name in the industry and is also loved by all the youngsters today. The very famous tune of the song is already vira and is trending now since a year. The freshness of the song makes it one of the best and the most used song for the reels in Navratri.

5. Dholida Dhol re Vagaad

The very famous song Dholida Dhol re vagaad mare heench levi che is also know as the official ringtone of Jethalal, the Gujrati lead character of the very famous show Taarak Mehta ka Ulta Chashma. Apart from this, the song is very popular amongst Gujrati people and also those who enjoy the Gujrati folk music.

6. Dakhla

Bandish Projekt is very famous because of their legendary song ‘Dakhla’. The beats of Dakhla showcase the legacy of rich culture of Gujarat and the song is already trending everywhere. The vibe of the song has made its place in every music lover’s playlist since its release. You can use this song in your Garba and Dandiya Reel as it will surely match the steps and the beats.

7. Shubharamb

The popular movie ‘Kai-po-che’ starring Sushant Singh Rajput has a typical Gujrati song called ‘Shubharambh’. The song showcases beautiful lights of Navratri and this makes it great to use it on reels as the beats match to Dandiya Beats.

8. Gori Radha Ne Kalo Kaan

There is no Gujrati o this planet who is not aware of Kirtidaan Gadhvi and his bold and soulful voice. The beautiful song Gori Radha Ne Kaalo Kaan appeared in the movie ‘wrong side Raju’ starring the amazing Pratik Gandhi who got fame from Scam 1992. The beats will force you to jump up and start doing the steps of Garba whenever and wherever you listen too!

9. Manda lidha mohi raj

The song is already trending on social media as the song is a great mixture of the singer, the lyrics, the tune and the beats. The lyrics showcase a love story and as we know Garba Nights is the place where youngsters meet and might fall in love. The song is pretty slow and amazing as well.

10. Nagade Sang Dhol Baje

Deepika Padukone starring Ram Leela is a Gujrat based movie showing life of typical Gujrati villagers. The movie has an amazing Gujrati song that you could use in your Garba reels called Nagade Sang Dhol. Garba can be performed on the amazing beats of this song.

11. Kamariya

Darshan Raval’s “Kamariya” from the movie “Mitron” is another Navratri hit. With music by Lijo George and DJ Chetas and a video featuring Kritika Kamra and Jackky Bhagnani, it’s an ideal choice for showcasing your dandiya and garba skills. This track is a must-have on your Navratri playlist!

12. Khalasi

Coke Studio recorded Khalasi is sang by the very versatile Aditya Gadhvi. The song is already trending on every social media platform. The beats give typical Gujrati vibe an it is very fast, great for fast Garba steps. You will feel active after dancing and grooving on the beats.

13. Dakhla 2

Another song from Bandish Projekt and the second part of Dakhla is not leaving the trending songs list of Gujrati songs for Navratri. The song has amazing and very catchy lyrics and also the song has made it to the chart of best songs in the list.

14. Dhuni re Dhakhavi

There are a lot of famous Gujrati songs that top the list by Jigardan Gadhvi and one is this called Dhuni re Dhakhavi. One of the fastest and the bests songs that you could use and dance on.

15. Chogada

Many of us are familiar with the famous song from the film “Loveyatri.” Let’s take a moment to get lost into the roots of this hit by exploring the original folk song from which it was adapted. The timeless Garba classic, “He Ranglo!” was originally composed by Shri Avinash Vyas back in the 1960s. It’s a piece of musical history that has stood the test of time and continues to captivate listeners with its cultural richness and charm.

16. Pankhida

Pankhida Tu Udi Jaje” is a lively and popular Garba song that’s a Navratri essential, known for its joyful rhythms and celebratory spirit. Various artists, including Rupal Doshi, have rendered their versions, making it a cultural gem in Gujarat’s music traditions and a must-have in Navratri playlists.

17. Kesariyo Rang

“Kesariyo Rang” is a lively Navratri folk song known for its vibrant melodies and joyful spirit. It’s a popular choice for Garba and Dandiya Raas dances during the festival, celebrating the festive season and the goddess Durga. This song is a Navratri playlist essential, adding a colorful and lively touch to the celebrations.

18. Sanedo

“Sanedo” is a lively Gujarati folk song performed during Navratri, perfect for Garba and Dandiya Raas dances. It’s known for its energetic rhythms and festive vibes, making it a must-have in Navratri playlists.

19. Maine Payal Hai Chankai

When we talk about Garba, how can we forget the Garba Queen Falguni Pathak. Her one of the most melodious song ever you can listen to is ‘Maine Payal Hai Chankai’. It is a popular Hindi song known for its catchy and melodious tune. It’s often associated with youthful romance and is loved for its charming lyrics and memorable melody. This song has been a hit choice for various celebratory occasions and continues to be a beloved track for those who appreciate Hindi music.

20. Radha Ne Shyam Mali Jase

“Radha Ne Shyam Mali Jase” is a famous Gujarati bhajan, celebrating the divine love of Lord Krishna and Radha. This devotional song is known for its heartfelt lyrics and soulful melody, often sung during religious gatherings and celebrations. It captures the essence of the spiritual connection between Lord Krishna and Radha, making it a cherished piece of music among devotees and those who appreciate devotional songs.

These 20 Best Navratri Songs for Your Reels offer a great mix of traditional and modern music for your Navratri celebrations. Whether you like classic tunes or contemporary hits, this list has you covered. These songs make your Navratri videos lively and full of joy, enjoying the festival’s spirit perfectly. So, keep the music playing, record those reels, and let the Navratri festivities shine through in all their musical glory.

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