12 Best Workout Apps for Women in 2024

The best workout apps that can help you get fit, monitoring your progress along the way.


In this day and age where every individual is running to the gym, Pilates or Zumba, the fitness industry has taken a paradigm shift. In this dynamic landscape of fitness technology, 2024 has opened a Pandora’s box of empowering solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of women on their wellness journeys. As we step into this new year, the fusion of innovation and wellness has given rise to a remarkable array of workout apps, each designed to empower and inspire women in conquering their fitness goals. These apps bring the gym to your fingertips, providing a seamless blend of convenience and effectiveness.

In the words of Oprah Winfrey, “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” Our journey to optimal health is indeed a celebration, and these 12 handpicked workout apps are poised to make every step of that journey both delightful and transformative. From strength training to yoga, these apps not only cater to various fitness preferences but also encapsulate the spirit of a supportive fitness community.

Join us as we explore the 12 best women workout apps in 2024, unlocking a world of possibilities and paving the way for a healthier, happier, and more empowered you.

Let’s Dive Straight Into It

  1. EvolveYou

EvolveYou, previously known as Tone and Sculpt, stands out as a preferred workout app for a wide variety of womenfolk. What sets it apart is its unparalleled customization, creating a workout program that feels tailor-made for every user. The freedom to choose your preferred trainer, exercise intensity, weekly frequency, workout location (home or gym), and dietary preferences creates an experience unique to individual goals and lifestyles. Whether you’re inclined towards strength training, endurance, barre, or yoga, the app accommodates various specialties.

Upon selecting your program, ranging from an eight-week yoga venture to a 67-week strength training commitment, the user-friendly dashboard becomes your fitness headquarters. The weekly planner outlines scheduled workouts, allowing flexibility to rearrange and personalize your routine. Can you imagine how time efficient it would be where a ready planner decides your diet as well as workout requirements? This is what Evolve You achieves. Comprehensive exercise guides, featuring short videos and descriptions, ensure correct form and technique. A standout feature is the integrated meal planner, offering diet options like standard, vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian. Users can input their meals or let the app generate a plan, complete with recipes and a convenient shopping list. The simplicity and efficiency of the recipes, often taking just 15 to 20 minutes, enhance the overall user experience. 

  • Pros : Fully customizable workout routines, variety of levels to choose from , includes nutrition plan.
  • Cons: You have to click through every repetition of each set to get through your workout
  • Cost: $20 a month, $108 a year

Visit- join.evolveyou.app/

  1. Peloton

Even if one doesn’t own the fancy stationary bike, treadmill, or rower, Peloton opens its doors to everyone, offering access to its immensely popular workout programs. From free weight strength sessions to yoga flows and even marathon training, Peloton’s charismatic and high-energy instructors bring the same enthusiasm from the bike to a variety of exercises. Get ready for mood-boosting playlists and engaging, non-monotonous workouts.

No need to limit yourself to a specific device – stream all classes seamlessly on your phone, tablet, laptop, or TV. The experience extends beyond Peloton workouts, allowing you to track your overall activity for a thorough analysis of your progress. Opting for the paid version unlocks a treasure trove of benefits, including unlimited access to diverse workouts, real-time metrics with a cadence monitor, and exclusive classes featuring special themes and guests. Embrace Peloton’s inclusive fitness culture, where everyone can join the ride toward a healthier, happier self.

  • Pros : Marathon-worthy running training programs, Classes start at just 10 minutes long, Smart watch compatible app
  • Cons: Enhanced experience with equipment
  • Cost: Free, $12.99 per month, or $24 per month

Visit- onepeloton.com

  1. StrongHer

Meet StrongHer, the brainchild of Melissa Chalmers, born out of her personal fitness journey leading up to her wedding. As the transformative power of a healthy lifestyle became evident in her life, Melissa felt compelled to share her newfound wisdom with the world. Enter StrongHer, not just a fitness and nutrition program but your personal trainer on-the-go, conveniently housed in an app.

What sets this app aglow is its commitment to tailor your fitness and nutrition experience according to your goals. Picture this – a personal training app that travels with you, offering fully customizable nutrition plans. Dive into the app, and the first step is setting your objectives – be it shedding pounds, sculpting muscles, or building mass. It’s like having a virtual fitness confidante, asking about your workout preferences, whether you sweat it out at home or hit the gym, and other details like height, weight, and lifestyle choices.

The nutrition plan, a delightful roadmap of meals with recipes provided, is where StrongHer shines. Choose from a standard diet, keto, or vegetarian – with a hack for vegans under the vegetarian umbrella. The point system, reminiscent of WeightWatchers, adds a personalized touch, allocating daily points based on your unique nutrition plan. StrongHer stands out with its time-travelling magic, effortlessly logging your fitness evolution – from 5 to 10-pound weights in just two months. It transforms into a virtual diary, noting not only your workouts but also keeping tabs on calories and hydration. In the workout world, StrongHer lets you pick your weights, giving you the power to choose what works for you. With easy-to-follow outlines and video demos for each exercise, it’s more like a friendly sidekick, cheering you on in your fitness journey, turning every workout into a cool adventure.

  • Pros : New workouts get added every week, ability to track progress over time, personalized meal plans.
  • Cons: Aggressive ads to upgrade membership, Users on the App Store have reported slow customer service response
  • Cost: $15 a month, $39 a quarter, $90 a year

Visit- https://strongherapp.com/

  1. Alo Moves

Ever heard of the iconic Alo Yoga Goddess Leggings, yes, the same ones which redefined Athleisure. They have launched Alo Moves, a yoga app with the trendy Alo Yoga pedigree, seamlessly bridging users to a diverse range of instructors and classes.

What distinguishes Alo Moves is its holistic approach. Your membership doesn’t confine you to yoga alone; it unfolds an expansive world of fitness, mindfulness, and skill-building. Whether the  multiple fitness categories like Barre, HIIT, Pilates, and more, or exploring the yoga realms like ashtanga, vinyasa, and kundalini, they have it all.

Upon sign-up, Alo Moves curates your experience by delving into your skill level, goals, and workout preferences. Classes, ranging from 20 to 60 minutes, are led by a roster of over 70 instructors. Noteworthy is the app’s intuitive suggestion feature, akin to Netflix recommendations, guiding you towards classes aligned with your preferences and history.

What truly sets Alo Moves apart is the vibrant spectrum of instructor energies. Whether you seek the tranquility of restorative yoga or the invigorating vibes of kundalini, the app caters to every mood. Instructors, with their distinct styles, transform the virtual space into a dynamic studio experience. While some classes may challenge beginners with assumed pose knowledge, the app mirrors the studio flexibility with a 14-day free trial. Alo Moves isn’t just an app; it’s a versatile wellness haven, accommodating every goal and mood with grace.

  • Pros :Class recommendations tailored to you, Extensive workout library
  • Cons: More expensive than most workout subscription services, Beginners might not find the classes descriptive enough
  • Cost: $13 a month, $130 per year.

Visit- alomoves.com

  1. Sweat

Kayla Itsines who is a renowned fitness guru launched the Sweat App in 2015. Kayla first captured the fitness world’s attention in 2015 with her High Intensity with Kayla e-books, transitioning this success into the digital era as the Sweat App. With a staggering 1 million monthly users, it has become a go-to destination for fitness enthusiasts seeking a dynamic and personalized workout experience.

What sets this workout app apart is its expansive offering of over 30 programs, meticulously designed to cater to diverse workout preferences and yield various results. Whether you’re into at-home workouts, gym training plans, post-pregnancy programs, or equipment-free routines, Sweat ensures a repertoire that keeps your fitness journey engaging. Functioning as your virtual personal trainer, Sweat allows you to curate your workout playlist through Spotify or Apple Music and tailors routines based on your available equipment. This level of customization is a game-changer, especially when compared to apps with fixed routines that may not align with your equipment inventory. Perfectly suited for seasoned trainers, the PWR program hones in on muscle growth and body strength through progressive weight lifting. With workouts ranging from 45 to 60 minutes, it caters to gym-goers, while a thoughtful alternative, PWR At Home, accommodates strength enthusiasts without access to a gym. Beyond workouts, Sweat also offers a nutrition plan that simplifies your weekly meal planning, complete with user-friendly recipes. The app’s simplicity and user-friendliness make it stand out, inviting users into its fitness haven with a generous seven-day free trial. Sweat App transcends being a mere fitness app; it’s your dedicated companion on the path to a stronger, healthier you.

  • Pros : Spotify and Apple music integrated into the app, Ability to customize your weekly workout plan, Each exercise has an alternative exercise if the one suggested is too challenging.
  • Cons: Pricier than other apps with similar features, Exercises are pretty repetitive throughout the workouts.
  • Cost: $20 a month, $120 a year.

Visit- https://join.sweat.com/en/signup/

  1. Ladder

How many of us have complained of not having found time to go to the gym regularly? If you are one of those, Ladder is at your service. Perfect for individuals juggling a busy lifestyle, the app brings the expertise of a personal trainer right to your fingertips, eliminating the need for in-person sessions. Immerse yourself in a library of videos that meticulously demonstrate the correct form for every exercise, ensuring you embark on your fitness journey with precision. What sets this app apart is its holistic approach – it’s not just about workouts. It seamlessly tracks essential progress elements such as sleep patterns and nutrition thus giving you a comprehensive view of your well being.

Your virtual coach takes the reins, strategically planning each day’s workout regimen. From bodybuilding to HIIT training, functional strength training, and cardio, the app caters to diverse fitness aspirations. It becomes the accountability partner you didn’t realize was missing from your routine, nudging you towards consistency and progress. It’s the key to unlocking a personalized, effective, and convenient path to your health and wellness goals.

  • Pros : Personalized workout plans, Also tracks your sleep and nutrition
  • Cons: Must select one program at a time.
  • Cost: Between $29.99 and $44.99 per month.

Visit- https://www.joinladder.com/

  1. Caliber

For those who relish the analytical aspect of training, the Caliber app offers a scientific approach to your workouts. Dive deep into exercise customization, allowing you to meticulously select exercises targeting specific body areas. The app goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach, enabling customization based on your available equipment, incorporating bodyweight exercises seamlessly.

Upon initiation, the app not only guides your workouts but introduces a scoring system, tracking your progress systematically. It turns your fitness journey into something you can measure, giving your training a boost of precision and tracking. It’s like adding a clear roadmap to your workouts. Caliber takes personalization to the next level with its premium personal trainer option, which involves a fee. Through a brief questionnaire assessing your goals and fitness level, the app tailors a program uniquely suited to your needs. Whether you opt for independent programming or the expertise of a one-on-one expert trainer, Caliber ensures a user-friendly experience. The app extends beyond workouts, offering educational sessions to enrich your understanding of fitness concepts. In technical terms, Caliber stands out as an interactive and adaptive fitness tool, seamlessly blending exercise science with user-friendly interfaces. It’s not just an app; it’s a virtual fitness companion offering tailored precision and expertise for a comprehensive and informed training experience.

  • Pros : Personalized workout plans, Workout tutorials available
  • Cons: Slightly difficult interface
  • Cost: Free (optional upgrades: $19/month group training or $200/month personal training).

Visit- https://caliberstrong.com/

  1. Noom

Noom stands out as an exemplary choice in the sea of weight loss apps, captivating our attention with its psychology-based approach towards fostering healthy habits. Deemed the best workout app for women focusing on weight loss, Noom goes beyond the conventional diet or meal plans. It undertakes a personalized journey, creating a weight-loss timeline grounded in individual data, objectives, and time commitments.

The app employs a color-coded system, categorizing foods by nutritional value, offering a visual representation of daily, weekly, and monthly consumption. This nuanced approach designates green foods as the least calorie-dense, yellow foods as moderately dense, and red foods as the most calorie-dense. Noom’s psychological strategy involves scrutinizing eating patterns and emotional connections with food, fostering mindfulness.

Testimonials echo the efficacy of Noom’s methodology, with users witnessing transformative changes in their habits and attitudes towards nutrition. The app empowers users to track not only weight loss and calories but also vital health metrics, steps, water intake, and exercise. While some users express a desire for macronutrient tracking, Noom’s focus on behavioral change and habit formation remains a standout feature.

A standout aspect is the availability and knowledge of the health coach, serving as a built-in psychologist within the app. Noom’s uniqueness lies in its emphasis on understanding the “why” behind dietary choices, fostering informed decisions and alternatives.

Summing up the Noom experience, users appreciate its deviation from conventional weight loss apps, describing it as a tool that not only tracks progress but instils a deeper understanding of eating habits. The app’s commitment to instigating lasting changes, supported by a personal health coach, reflects a profound commitment to improving both physical and mental well-being. 

  • Pros : The psychology-based approach educates users about their relationship with food.It creates a personalised weight-loss timeline for you.Be held accountable with bi-weekly check-ins with a health coach.
  • Cons: Requires daily attention and tracking.The colour-coded system may not be structured enough for some users.Meal and activity tracking can get tedious.
  • Cost: $15 a month or $180 a year or a family plan of $39 a month or $396 a year. 

Visit- https://www.noom.com/

  1. Juggernaut AI

Starting a strength training journey is a bit like entering an unchartered territory. In the world of lifting weights and doing reps, if you want more than the usual, discover the game-changing world of JuggernautAI.

Picture this: A fitness enthusiast, eager to sculpt strength but desiring more than the mundane, discovers an app that promises personalized powerlifting or bodybuilding programs. As she delved into the intricacies of JuggernautAI, the standout feature, an intelligent AI, unfolded its magic. At $35 per month, JuggernautAI unfolded has an “insane value,” providing insights akin to a live coach without the hefty price tag. For those venturing into personalized strength training, JuggernautAI emerges not just as an app but as a guiding companion, transforming uncharted territories into a realm of tailored strength and unwavering support.

  • Pros : The focus is on personalization and modification based on your needs, offers powerlifting and bodybuilding workouts, Intuitive AI program building is the centerpiece of this immersive app. It’s as close as you can get to a personal strength coach without breaking the bank.
  • Cons: Most workouts require some basic equipment, The app can seem overwhelming at first glance, No human coaches could feel odd for some users.
  • Cost: $35 a month or $350 a year (annual subscription includes some extras) 

Visit- https://www.juggernautai.app/

  1.  Nike Training Club

In the vast sea of free training apps, Nike Training Club shines brighter than all, proving that free doesn’t equate to limitations. A testament to its quality is the fact that it once had a premium version, which shifted to an entirely free model in 2020 in response to the global pandemic. A certified personal trainer, was quick to attest to its prowess, emphasizing, “I found so many different workout types for any conceivable goal.”

Beyond mere workout videos, Nike Training Club differentiates itself with certified trainers leading sessions and a wealth of educational resources covering nutrition, sleep, movement, and recovery. Its expansive library caters to diverse preferences, offering targeted and full-body workouts, from HIIT and functional fitness to yoga and Pilates. The app’s versatility spans at-home, gym, and outdoor workouts, providing a solution for every setting. The unique feature that set it apart for our tester was the on-demand classes and programs, earning it the title of the top free workout app for women. 

  • Pros : It’s completely free, so you have no financial commitment. Variety of workouts, including strength training, Pilates, cardio, yoga, and more, certified trainers lead on-demand and live sessions.
  • Cons: There is not much personalization beyond recording your stats. Many workouts require some equipment, but some do not.
  • Cost: Free.

Visit- https://www.nike.com/in/ntc-app

  1.  Aaptiv

“You are never so old that it is Ok to be weak.” Thus remarked an elderly fitness enthusiast in one of the interviews one came across. Fitness is a priority for everybody irrespective of their age. With Aaptiv, one can chance to embark on a fitness journey, where more than 8,000 expertly crafted, on-demand exercise classes await. Tailored especially for women over 50, Aaptiv unfolds as a sanctuary of low-impact workouts, providing a haven for those seeking personalized fitness experiences. It is so user friendly and hands on that the old folk can navigate it with extreme ease.

Aaptiv’s allure lies in its unique dedication to audio workouts, creating an immersive atmosphere where the absence of visual cues enhances focus on form and surroundings. As the rhythm of treadmill runs unfolds without on-screen distractions, users find themselves deeply engrossed in the essence of their workout. Intricately designed exercises, including contralateral movements, showcase the expertise of Aaptiv’s trainers, elevating the fitness experience. The app’s self-paced structure harmonizes with features like challenges and scheduling, seamlessly integrating structured workouts into daily routines.

  • Pros : The app offers low-impact exercises and educational resources for women over 50.Its audio-based workouts will simplify your workouts. The app is simple and easy to use.
  • Cons: It doesn’t offer much interactivity, apart from a community feed. There is no personal training component. There are walking and running workouts, but no GPS feature for tracking.
  • Cost:  $15 a month, or $99 a year

Visit- https://aaptiv.com/

  1.  Freeletics

In the hustle of everyday life, finding time for a quick sweat becomes a breeze with this fitness app. Offering a range of bodyweight workouts spanning from five to 30 minutes, it caters to the busiest schedules. For those craving a more tailored approach, a digital coach, starting at just $2.40 per week, unlocks a personalized training plan accompanied by invaluable nutrition advice.

Embracing a holistic view of fitness, the Freeletics app’s AI trainer curates a customized experience, ensuring a well-rounded approach to your well-being. The beauty lies in its accessibility – most workouts demand no equipment, eliminating concerns of being underprepared. As the app seamlessly integrates into your routine, the free version provides a taste with 20 HIIT workouts, 20 audio sessions, and an additional 25 exercises.

In the words of fitness enthusiasts, “This app is a game-changer, seamlessly blending convenience with personalization. It’s not just a workout; it’s a holistic journey towards a healthier, fitter you.” With its user-friendly interface and a plethora of fitness insights, this app isn’t just a tech marvel; it’s your pocket-sized fitness companion, making wellness a way of life.

  • Pros : Works at the gym and at home, gives nutrition and well-being support too.
  • Cons:Might give extended rest breaks between sets.
  • Cost:  Free, Coach subscription $94.99.

Visit- https://www.freeletics.com/en/

The Future of Fitness 

Checking out fitness apps in 2024 is like trying out different music styles for a workout playlist. Each app is like a different song, helping you get in shape. It’s not just exercises; it’s like tuning into your favourite fitness radio station, making it easier to stay healthy!. Each app acts like a  unique instrument, harmonising convenience and empowerment to compose a melody of well-being. “ In this orchestration of technology and wellness, these apps are the conductors, in putting together a healthier, fitter future.” muses a fitness enthusiast. From personalised plans to comprehensive fitness journeys, these apps are not mere tools; they’re the virtuoso performers shaping the future of the fitness industry.Give it a shot and find the app that plays the right tune for your fitness journey

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