Bland AI Transforming Your Calls

Bland AI is changing how we use phones with AI-driven calling. They can automate tasks, connect with other apps, and make businesses run smoother.



Bland AI is all about using AI to make phone calls smarter and more efficient. They can do things like transferring calls to a human when needed, using live data from other apps during calls, creating voice clones, and training their AI to be better at handling calls.

They also offer features like using live data from other apps to schedule appointments during calls, ensuring their service works well even when lots of calls are happening, and helping different industries like healthcare and real estate automate their calls. Bland AI is big on ethics too, making sure their tech is used in ways that help everyone – customers, businesses, and society as a whole.

Details of Bland AI

Launched byBland AI
Supported PaymentsFree
Active Users2 million
User Rating4.5/5

How to use Bland AI?

  • Sign Up: When you sign up on the Bland AI website, you’ll get your API key and $2 in free credits.
  • Integrate APIs: Connect your APIs to add live data to your phone calls and allow your phone agents to use external APIs during calls.
  • Train AI Agents: Improve call performance by training your AI phone agent with real calls and protect against mistakes.
  • Automate Calls: Increase conversion rates and provide round-the-clock support by automating phone calls in industries like healthcare, real estate, and finance.

Bland AI Features

  • Signing Up: Integrating APIs-Users can connect APIs to add real-time data to phone calls and let AI agents use external APIs during calls.
  • Voice Options: Choose from a library or create a unique voice clone. Personalize your AI agent using call recordings and transcripts.
  • AI Learning: Train your AI agent with past calls to improve performance and prevent errors.
  • Wide Range of Uses: Suitable for healthcare, real estate, and financial services to automate calls and boost success rates.

Here are some other options like Bland AI

  • Synthflow: This lets you make AI voice assistants for calls without needing to know how to code. They have different AI agents for different needs.
  • LumenVox: They’re all about making apps talk! They focus on making voice interactions smooth and easy, with a lot of options to choose from.
  • Nuance Conversational IVR: They offer a system that helps people get answers on the phone easily, encouraging them to help themselves and be happy customers.


What is Bland AI?

Bland AI is a company that specializes in automating phone calls using artificial intelligence (AI).

What services does Bland AI offer?

Bland AI offers services such as transferring calls to a human under defined conditions, integrating APIs for live data during calls, creating voice clones, and training AI phone agents with existing calls to improve performance.

How does Bland AI ensure reliable service?

Bland AI ensures reliable service even during high volume by accessing external APIs live during calls for actions like scheduling appointments.

In which industries does Bland AI operate?

Bland AI operates across various industries like healthcare and real estate, automating calls to improve efficiency.

How does Bland AI emphasize ethical use of technology?

Bland AI actively restricts calls to benefit consumers, businesses, and society, emphasizing the ethical use of their technology.

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