ChatGPT creates a new high paying job: Prompt writing! What is it?


Do you still believe AI is eating jobs? Think once again! If you still believe this, then you are probably wrong.

Sam Altman, the CEO of ChatGPT creator OpenAI, recently admitted that he was ‘worried’ that the AI chatbot may eliminate several jobs. However, according to a researcher at the University of South Denmark (Syddansk Universitet), ChatGPT has created a new job, with a tech company even willing to pay as high as $300,000 per year (₹2.47 crore) for the role.

Now you might be wondering what exactly is ‘prompt writing’?

Bilal describes prompt writing as ‘writing a prompt that gives you your desired result.’ He added that starting with a single prompt and increasing the level of complexity incrementally, will yield better results.

To explain the concept, he established context; he asked ChatGPT who (Italian historian) Franco Moretti is. “It’s a simple question and GPT4 does a good job of introducing Moretti and his contributions to literary scholarship,” tweeted Bilal.

He says that since large language models like ChatGPT are trained on large sets of data, these apps are teachable.

Starting with a simple prompt and eventually increasing the level of complexity will get better results, he explains. But if the AI bot is given a complex task right out the gate, its results may lack precision, he adds.

But then he gives ChatGPT-4 an extract from one of Moretti’s essays and asks it about the points in the essay that an undergraduate student may find difficult. ‘GPT-4 does a great job of pointing out the things an undergrad may find challenging,’ he writes.

Bilal then asks a follow up question to GPT-4 that goes “Can you recommend any sources if I were to dig a little deeper about literary world-systems?”. GPT-4 gives him 6 sources all of which were relevant and useful, Bilal says in the tweet.

Next, he asks GPT-4 to explain the same passage without establishing any context. This time the results are considerably less precise and lack nuance.

In his series of tweets, Bilal shares a template that one can use for incremental prompts. These include establishing context> explaining the topic> specifying the task> asking follow-up questions. He also shares Promptbox – a free Chrome extension that one can use to build a library of your prompts. (

It is still believed that ChatGPT and other AI chatbots will snatch away the jobs of many people but now, we have started believing AI will generate more high paying jobs. We also believe that AI will not replace many jobs but people using AI might replace people who don’t use it. AI will help people get better results. Also, now there is no need to learn a few skills as AI is doing it better. People, by using AI can focus and invest more time in practical things and not spend extra time in things which people spend a whole day in. Skills like content writing, data analytics, art, etc can be easily done by AI in the present day.

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