Chinese company getting ready to bring the competitor to Powerful ChatGPT


AI technologies are widely spreading for digital assistance where chatGPT has been successful with other companies and Baidu, announces ChatGPT has brought the project launching the Standalone App “Ernie Bot”. The Chinese tech Baidu is very popular in Asia and holds the top search engine title.

Chinese companies are now competing with each other that includes chatbots to make the company provide the services to the user now this level of competition in Chinese companies is to bring the better version and something powerful like chatGPT-4 that is going to come in upcoming near future. The chatbot is something that keeps on updating their version to provide best to user as per the their search request.

ChatGPT is a chatbot that is developed by open AI. It was launched on November 30, 2022, this model is provided with the conversations wherein you will see the ongoing conversations about the user and the AI. Here the proximal policy optimization algorithms, the cost-effectiveness and the faster performance of the operations give this model the best touch to get popular among the Businesses which was trained in collaboration with Microsoft.

As CEO Robin Li stated in September that AI has gone through different changes which helped in promoting the research of the Ernie Bot. Tech Companied here are trying to reach the Up to OpenAI with the chatbot. As Baidu has invested Billions in the research of AI.

According to Bloomberg, Chinese startups are already looking to beat Baidu with their innovations. Chatbot has been now in trend in the company for the less manpower and more of connecting the user at the time of query. Now-a-days its been in trend and it is specially designed for the user request.

This chatbot is the best powered language model that not only text to image generation can be added it can also be able to perform task about the Language understanding and generation. Chatbot are the standalone application that generates the results according to the search request made by the users.

The best part is AI chatbot has crossed 100 million active users after its launch in January. The companies here are now connecting with a user through a chatbot this is why the company aims to give the service fully available and merge it into a this search engine by the chatbot generated results.

Google CEO Sundar pichai reportedly declared “code red” over the chatbot looking at the increase in popularity among new technology.

the OpenAI here gathers the data of the user and chatGPT. ChatGPT is able to adopt the Functions and programs internally. ChatGPT is designed in such a way that it acknowledges the nature of questions and answer the query accordingly.

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