Eazr – A Zero Risk Platform to Help Businesses Superboost their Sales

Eazr, a buy now, pay later platform is not only encouraging consumers to not delay education or healthcare but also helping merchants benefit from it.


There are two components in life that one must never say ‘later’ to – education and healthcare. With Eazr, now you will never have to. The latest entrant in the Buy Now, Pay Later market Eazr is set to revolutionize the Indian BNPL market by providing customers with instant credit for all their health and educational needs. [no_toc]

It’s easy to get credit when it comes to something that your heart desires. Thinking about the bag that you saw in the mall the other day? But when it comes to health and education, getting credit doesn’t come to one’s mind immediately. Eazr will not only make that option viable for customers but also let merchants expand their potential in business.

A study conducted by PYMENTS and Rectangle Health projected the below findings –

  • A whopping 63% of healthcare consumers are interested in payment plans. However, less than half had been offered one.
  • 33% of patients said establishing payment plans would entice them to switch medical providers.

Eazr identified the lack of availability of convenient payment plans in the healthcare and educational landscape and is on a mission to bridge this very gap, This is what Sarabjeet Singh – the co-founder and CEO – has to say:

“Eazr aims at filling the gap between the merchants and consumers; bringing in both the financial assistance and convenience in the Health, Education and Daily necessities Sectors.”

– Mr. Sarabjeet Singh, CEO of Eazr

Eazr’s BNPL model is not just wired to empower the consumers but also the merchants. Anyone who runs or operates a sales platform knows the struggle of the customer when monthly budgets stand in the way of necessities. The lower buying capacity of the consumer not only affects their standard of living but also business sales.

Eazr’s answer to this dilemma is its platform which seamlessly connects both the merchants and the consumers in a mutually beneficial fashion.

Keeping in mind the varied needs of both customers and businesses, here is why merchants and consumers will choose Eazr:

Why Eazr?

By employing instant payment, easy payment options, omnichannel presence, and seamless integration, Eazr helps businesses increase average order value, boost conversion rate, and grow customer acquisition.

How does Eazr help businesses?

Eazr and most businesses share one value – put the customers first. How does Eazr help companies to help their customers? By providing customers with an option to pay installments fortnightly and absolutely credit-free, businesses get paid instantly while using Eazr. Lower price points directly lead to shorter payment cycles which in turn result in repeat customers for businesses.

What other benefits does Eazr provide?

Apart from being completely risk-free for businesses, Eazr boasts of a seamless integration experience. No more challenging period of onboarding new technology. Eazr is literally made to make life easier.  With universal integration, rest-based APIs, and amazing plug-in support – it cannot get more hassle-free than this.  Moreover, merchant partners can track their progress and easily manage transactions on Eazr for Business and Business Wen Account.

In short, Eazr’s BNPL model is as beneficial to their merchant partners as to their customers. While providing customers with the flexibility of paying later, Eazr enables their merchant partners to sell smarter resulting in higher Average Order Value, repeat purchases, and the best part – immediate payment.

At first this tech-savvy company’s aspirational tagline ‘Ab Rukna Nahi’ might seem just like a callout to their customers to not put their life on pause. However, this is definitely a callout to businesses as well. Why put a hold on scaling your business? Ab rukna nahi..

Keep your eyes peeled for the Eazr app – launching soon on both IoS and Android.

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