Not just the internet, entrepreneurs and celebrities react to Elon Musk buying Twitter

Elon Musk bought Twitter. The whole world is reacting to it and while some of these are hilarious, other people are genuinely raising questions about the promises Musk made.


If you check any of the news channels, the popular words have been Elon Musk and Twitter. Elon Musk finally took over and everybody seems to have an opinion about it. According to reports, there were 200,000 searches on Google for the keyword, ” Elon Musk Twitter” when the acquisition was announced. There is also a tweet from December 2017 where Musk mentions his intentions of buying the company and the internet is going crazy over it.

For Twitter employees, there are a lot of mixed reactions, while some think it’s for the best, many others seem to be worried about their future in the company. One of Twitter’s employees tweeted on hearing the news, “can someone just tell me if I’m rich or fired please”.

But apart from netizens and Twitter, entrepreneurs and celebrities are also reacting to the news. Again, while some think it’s time for a revolution, others are not very happy about it.

Jack Dorsey, the co-founder, and former CEO of Twitter seems very happy about this. Not just happy, happy enough to share the soundtrack, “Everything In Its Right Place” along with a series of Tweets.

He shared, “I’m so happy Twitter will continue to serve the public conversation. Around the world, and into the stars!”

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon also took to Twitter to either make fun of Musk or maybe raise some questions. He tweeted after the news broke out, “Did the Chinese government just gain a bit of leverage over the town square.” Referring to the connection that Elon Musk, his company Tesla, and China have between them. To this question, Jeff Bezos replied to himself later.

He later added, “But we’ll see. Musk is extremely good at navigating this kind of complexity.”

Investor Mark Cuban also joined the conversation with many other investors. Mark Cuban tweeted, “Very surprised. @elonmusk is on the clock. Will be fun to see what he does.” The billionaire investor previously thought that there was a different motive why Musk made an offer to buy Twitter. He thought that it could be a ploy to drive the stocks of Twitter up, but it turns out otherwise.

Marc Andreessen, another investor, and entrepreneur shared a The Office meme along with several other memes, to sum up, what he feels about the whole acquisition.

The investor and brother duo that sued Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta in 2004 also weighed their thoughts about the whole situation. Cameron Winklevoss shared in a tweet, “Good riddance to the censorship class”. He later also tweeted, “t’s a shame all of those “fact checkers” are going to be out of a job soon.” Tyler Winklevoss also tweeted, “Funding secured. @elonmusk buys Twitter. It’s confirmed. Congratulations. A great day for free speech.”

When Elon Musk announced that it’s a done deal with Twitter, he also mentioned the updates and changes that he wishes to make to the platform. This included getting rid of bot accounts that the company Binance also pointed out. It asked its Twitter users what would they like to see on the platform after the tesla owner bought the company

Among the people who were not thrilled, several users pointed out the fact that Elon Musk once also promised to end World Hunger if the UN gave him a detailed plan about how it can be done in only $6 billion (compared to the $44 billion he spent on Twitter) but instead bought Twitter. The hashtag – #leavingTwitter was also trending for some time displaying how disappointed some people were when Musk bought it.

Apart from celebrities and entrepreneurs, netizens had a spectrum of reactions to the situation. While some wanted Musk to reinstate Donald Trump on Twitter, others tweeted, “If Elon Musk buys twitter I’m moving to Canada”.

It has been fun looking at what the world has to say about Elon Musk taking over Twitter but it has also raised a lot of questions. It is certainly something to think about what is going to happen with the social media platform and how will it impact the world. Will Musk save the ‘dying social media giant Twitter’? To answer this question, we need to wait and watch.

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