Facebook Now Shows Unaccepted Friend Requests [Pending Friend Requests]


We know Facebook is all about connecting with other people and making new friends. Yet, sending too many friend requests can quickly get you serious trouble with Facebook, you may get banned from adding friends if they ignored and report your request. So it’s safe to re-think before making friend requests to unknowns. Even if you accidentally sent friend requests to anyone, it’s also considered as in the same way. What if you can see your whole sent requests in a singe place? Yeah! Facebook now shows to whom you sent friend requests (Yep! it’s also possible to see in Activity Log and DYI Archive). Actually, this option were there in olden days, then it disappeared as Facebook changes its user interface over the time frequent.
Now the ‘View Sent Requests’ link reappeared in friend requests page. The link will redirect to the page that contains your sent pending friend requests.

How to See All My Pending Friend Requests?

So, here is how to view your pending friend requests, just follow these simple steps:

  1.  Log in to your Facebook account,
  2. Click on the friend requests icon from the top bar ( Facebook friend requests ),
  3. Click on ‘See All’ beneath the list,
  4.  Then click on the ‘View Sent Requests’ from the left side.

Pending Friend Requests

To cancel a friend request, hover over the button that now reads ‘+1 Friend Request Sent’ and select ‘Cancel Request’ from the menu.

Facebook Pending Friend Requests

Alternatively, you can directly access the pending friend requests page from here.

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