Facebook Pay has now officially become Meta Pay


Meta has currently entered into an unstoppable mode of sorts. From clearing off lawsuits for discrimination to coming up with a literal digital fashion store, where you buy clothes for your digital character but with actual money. The company has constantly managed to be in the news and keep tech geeks interested.

As the level of upgrades to the product goes one step ahead each week, Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg announces the rebranding of Facebook Pay to Meta Pay. Existing users of Facebook Pay don’t have to worry as the app will continue to function as it used to across Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook. This feature is going to be exclusively launched in America first and will gradually be released across the globe. 

Zuckerberg states how futuristic this shift can be as your Meta Pay will be a digital wallet of yours through which you can buy items in virtual reality. You can even buy clothes in the metaverse through the money in your wallet will help you in claiming rights over your money. This will also come in handy in managing one’s online identity and ownership over items.

“In the future, there will be all sorts of digital items you might want to own or create. This can be digital clothing, art, videos, music, and more. Proof of your ownership is very important, especially if you want to transport these items, across services.”

The Meta CEO writes in a Facebook post.

Further explaining the change in the product, Zuckerberg talks about how ideally he aims for users to be able to sign into any augmented reality platform and once they do that, the items they own should be right there too. He plans to give users a seamless experience with their online goods. Even though the goal is still far to achieve but still Mark believes that this sort of interoperability will be beneficial for providing better experiences for the people. 

Ultimately, the company plans to achieve a bigger market for the creators. According to them, if you have the liberty to use your digital assets to pay for a lot of things across the board, your value for the digital goods increases, thus creating a big market for creators. A few weeks back Zuckerberg also rolled out the Horizon Homes, a virtual home for you and your friends.

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