Facebook Takes on TV for Ads

If you had a specific budget for video advertising, what would you do with it? Would you run your ads on television or would you do so on Facebook, or would you do both? Now you can do both, with Facebook reaching a new agreement with Nielsen, the company that measures your TV viewing habits to help advertisers figure out how to advertise. This means that Facebook videos will be added to the metric that measures TRP or Total Ratings Points, and advertisers can get an accurate measurement of exactly how far., their message has reached. Advertisers can buy TRP directly from Facebook.

The Digital Ads Ratings System of Nielsen will tell advertisers how far their reach has been on Facebook, through Facebook videos. The Total Ads Ratings system will combine the reach through Facebook videos and television, combined. Of course, this means that now you can compare which medium has reached more people through targeted delivery.

So while, ostensibly, this seems like a way to make sure your video advertisements are part of a two-pronged strategy, this actually pits television against Facebook in what could be a pretty gruesome fight to some serious maiming, if not quite death. With this move, Facebook takes on TV for ads, the life blood of television.

Nielsen Has Done This Before

It’s also worth remembering that Nielsen’s came up with the idea of this Ratings Points system for radio, initially. They adapted to television during the time when television sets started mysteriously appearing in homes. Soon after, radios were pretty much steamrollered by televisions as a medium.

Now, with Nielsen doing to television the same thing they did to radio all those years ago, things might not bode well for televisions. The advent of Netflix might have signalled the beginning of a new way, but the approval of Nielsen might be a nail on the coffin. Without advertising revenue, there can be no television except for public broadcasters.

The numbers don’t look very encouraging for television. According to latest research, when Facebook was added to video advertising campaigns, the reach increased by 19 percent. If the target audience is the millenials – the future consumers of everything – that number increased to 37 percent. Of course, this research was sponsored by Facebook, which might mean that data was interpreted favourably for Facebook.

More Facebook Advertising News:

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