How to Get More Followers on Instagram in 2022


Instagram has come a long way. Once used only to share photos that can be easily manipulated by users, it is now one of the foremost digital media platforms for brands to exploit. However, working on Instagram can be hard. You need to understand how you can get followers on your account without any kind of paid promotion. So here are the top ways that answers the question how to get Instagram followers organically.


Instagram, like Twitter gets you amazing reach through hashtags. So when you are creating content for Instagram, do some research into what hashtags you want to use. Hashtags can really bring you some serious organic reach. But make sure you do it right. Research them and see how they are being used. Most of the time brands tend to use them without looking into where they are being used. For instance if you were to add hashtags #love #art to your post about nail polish, you will get all kinds of reach. However if you add #nailstyle or #nailpolish, your reach with directed towards relevant audiences.


Like and Like pictures:

Believe it or not, this is one of the most trusted and tried technique to get followers on Instagram. It is important that you do it. To pull this off, you need a good tool like Iconosquare where you can track and interact with the followers of your competitor’s account. Using this tool, you can like and comment on the pictures of your targeted audience to get them to join your page. Iconosquare is free to use and is perfect as it also offers analysis of your activity on Instagram.

Cross platform integration:

How to Separate Facebook and Instagram AccountsMost of the time you are running different platforms to reach out to your customers. It is important to know that you can gain traction on your Instagram account by sharing it on your other platforms. Often your followers don’t even know that you have an Instagram account. As long as you go for cross platform integration, you can enjoy traffic from your established platforms and gain traffic from relevant traffic.

Find the best time to post:

Knowing when you can get the best traction is important. Using Iconosquare you can do this easily. When you start posting on Instagram, Iconosquare can calculate the time where you got the most interaction or traffic. Using this you can post your pictures at the right time.

Use the Mayfair filter:

One of the most commonly used filters is the Mayfair one. As reported in the Fortune 500 Instagram report, the filter has worked wonders for the marketers online when it comes to engagement and followers on Instagram.

Instagram isn’t that hard to crack. The platform now attracts millions of users every day. If your brand creates content that is rich in visuals and colors, Instagram is a wonderful place to be. Share insights about your products or services, behind the scenes photos and even short videos. Instagram offers wide array of possibilities. It’s time you leverage these to gain access to your customers.

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