Google DeepMind’s Big Move: Joining Forces for Smarter AI


Imagine you’re all sleeping up in bed, just like any other evening, and you ask Google a simple question. But here’s the cool part, instead of a quick answer, you get something more interesting. DeepMind, which is like Google’s super-smart brain, is working on a cool idea. They’re trying out a tool that might become your very own life helper, almost like a friendly coach on your device. This tool uses really smart computer programs to do lots of different things, more than 21 tasks! It’s like having a super helpful friend who can give you advice about things, help you come up with cool ideas, make plans for you, and even give you tips for learning new stuff.

But wait, there’s more! This tool is being tested to see if it can give good answers to private questions about people’s lives. Imagine asking it about personal things, like your dreams or what you’re worried about, and getting thoughtful answers.

This is like a sneak peek into the future. We might soon have AI which is really clever computer stuff, that’s not just about facts, it’s like a buddy you can chat with and get advice from. The mix of our curiosity and AI’s smarts is making something really cool, where getting answers feels like having a chat with a friend, not just looking up information.

One day, you might ask this chatbot a tough question, like how to tell a close friend about not being able to afford their destination wedding. This tool could help you come up with ideas and suggestions for different situations. It can even teach you new skills, like how to run better, and give you plans for meals and workouts.

But not everyone is totally on board with chatbots. Some experts who know a lot about AI are worried about it. They think that having close relationships with chatbots might not be a good thing, and they want rules and laws to make sure AI doesn’t get out of control.

Dr. Christian Guttmann, AI scientist and vice-president of engineering, decisioning, and AI at Pegasystems, said: “This development is a natural progression of how AI is implemented in our daily lives. And indeed, utilizing AI has already been successfully used in other environments for many years in areas that are sensitive and where humans actually prefer to ask an AI for advice.”

He says this kind of thing is just how AI is becoming a bigger part of our lives. He thinks it’s like asking for advice from AI, which we already do in other places. He also says it’s really important to be careful and make sure the advice AI gives is good and safe.

By the way, not long ago, Google and DeepMind joined up to become Google DeepMind. They brought together two groups of smart people who study AI, Google’s Brain team and DeepMind.

He added:

“It is of course important to take a responsible approach to building these relationships between humans and AI systems to ensure that advice that is given to a person is safe, sound, and in line with what a professional would advise.”

In April, there was a blog post where Google and DeepMind talked about joining up. The head of Google and Alphabet, Sundar Pichai, said they’re making a special team to build really smart AI systems. They want to do it in a smart and careful way so that it’s safe.

A Google DeepMind spokesperson said: “We have long worked with a variety of partners to evaluate our research and products across Google, which is a critical step in building safe and helpful technology. At any given time, there are many such evaluations ongoing. Isolated samples of evaluation data are not representative of our product road map.”

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