OpenAI unveils ZeroGPT: A tool to recognise texts written by AI


OpenAI, after ChatGPT, has launched ZeroGPT. It detects whether the text has been written by an AI programme and passed off as human-written, or it was actually written by a person.

ChatGPT is now used almost worldwide because of its unmatched capabilities and extreme usefulness. Not only ChatGPT but many other AI tools are being used for content generation, human creativity has almost come to end and because of this, the future looks scary. Soon, there will be a time when AI and tools will replace humans and will do things better and faster. The results also would be very efficient and perfect. Humans, should know the limits and make sure to use AI as a helper and not as the ultimate worker. The tools should be used for idea generation and at places, can be used in an emergency. But this shall not result in making it a habit to use it everywhere.

It has become very important now to make sure that AI is not being used in excess. So, noticing this issue, OpenAI has launched ZeroGPT, a tool which detects if the text is written by any AI programme or is freshly crafted by a human.

How Does ZeroGPT work?

According to OpenAI, Once you enter the text in the box and then click on the “Detect Text” button to get started. We will start analysing your text with a series of complex and deep algorithms. These algorithms are developed by ZeroGPT’s team and they are backed by our in-house experiments and some highly reputable papers already published.

Then we will show you the result as follow:

– Your text is Human written

– Your text is AI/GPT Generated

– Most of Your text is AI/GPT Generated

– Your text is Most Likely AI/GPT generated

– Your text is Likely generated by AI/GPT

– Your text contains mixed signals, with some parts generated by AI/GPT

– Your text is Likely Human written and may include parts generated by AI/GPT

– Your text is Most Likely Human written and may include parts generated by AI/GPT

– Your text is Most Likely Human written

And a gauge with the percentage of the AI/GPT plagiarized text will be displayed for a more detailed result.

What is the accuracy rate?

OenAI says, after analysing more than 10M articles and text, some generated by AI and others written by humans, we developed ZeroGPT’s algorithm with an accuracy rate of text detection higher than 98%. Our AI text detector tool uses DeepAnalyse™ Technology to identify the origin of your text.

Our experiments are still ongoing, and our aim is to analyse more than 1B articles and text and to converge to an error rate lower than 1%.

Students, teachers, educators, writers, employees, freelancers, copywriters and everyone on earth may find ZeroGPT a very useful solution to detect AI output text. As the use of AI, especially ChatGPT has increased a lot, as almost everyone is using it without limits, it was important for everyone to know, to recognize whether the content is the generation of any AI tool or not. There were a lot of news articles that showed how AI is being used in excess. A lot of news is covered showing how students are misusing AI for completing their homework or assignments. This is an outburst of technology that has made everything so easy for everyone. Sometimes it is very helpful and results in an effective and efficient way but in return are killing creativity and potential for working by themselves.

OpenAI says that the data that has been uploaded to check will not be saved anywhere as they believe the privacy of the users is their priority. It will not even be plagiarized or be made available online and they will not use the user’s text to train their AI detection model.

How can I integrate the ZeroGPT tool into my organization or website on a large scale?

If you are a company, a university or educational institution, an organization, or a writing or content creation agency, you can contact the company via email using the link to discuss in detail your needs and how you can integrate ZeroGPT into your organization. OpenAI provides access to the private API through Paid Professional plans customized based on the client’s needs.

Does ZeroGPT work with different languages?

As ZeroGPT has worldwide usage with multilingual users. It detects AI text output in all the available languages.

As AI has become a trending topic all over the world and people are using it for insane causes, misuse of AI has increased. There are a lot of wicked minds who are using AI for evil purposes. Many wrong things like sextortion, AI terrorism, etc. have given birth to a lot of problems in society. OpenAI has launched a perfect tool at a perfect time that will help a lot of people to detect the use of AI.

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