How to Import NFTs Into Metamask


NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are assets in a digitalized and decentralized form. This unique combination means that lots of flaws found with asset ownership and management in the centralized world are avoided.

This is whether it’s music, art, gaming, or other kinds of content. For more on this subject, you can visit:

People who want to buy or own these non-fungible tokens need to be able to easily access them. Platforms such as MetaMask make this very possible. However, it calls for knowledge of how to properly add or import non-fungible tokens on this blockchain-based platform. But before we delve into that process, let’s first discuss MetaMask as a platform.

What to Know about MetaMask

This platform allows people to do quite a lot in the blockchain industry, including the effective management of tokens such as NFTs. Some of its other essential features include:

  • Providing user-friendly access to the decentralized web
  • Ensuring secure storage of digital assets
  • Supporting compatibility and interaction across various decentralized platforms
  • Ensuring Ethereum-based network support
  • Providing an essential platform for the development of decentralized applications
  • Serving educational purposes to enable people to better understand concepts in the blockchain industry and their applications.

These are a few of the essential roles that platforms such as MetaMask play in the blockchain world. Furthermore, it would interest you to know that this platform can be accessed in two ways – website and mobile application.

How to Add or Import Non-Fungible Tokens to MetaMask

How to Add or Import Non-Fungible Tokens to MetaMask

Website and mobile application are the two ways this platform can be accessed as mentioned early on. Starting with the former and moving on to the latter, the processes of adding or importing NFT to MetaMask will be discussed below. So, follow through to be well informed:

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding or Importing NFTs to MetaMask on Desktop

Here is what you need to do to import or add non-fungible tokens in this manner:

1. Download & Installation

You need to have the extension on your website browser, and this starts with downloading it. This is possible with various kinds of website browsers including Firefox, chrome, and several others. Installation comes right after downloading the website browser’s extension.

2. Sign In

You would need to sign into your account after downloading and installing the website extension. The button tagged “create a wallet” would have to be clicked on for this purpose. As long as you have a valid account, you should be able to seamlessly log in using your seed phase. ( You can also use this opportunity to create an account if you do not already have one.

3. Locate the Token ID & Non-Fungible Token’s Contract Address

Locating the token ID & non-fungible token’s contract address can be slightly different across various marketplaces. However, this is something that is not too hard to figure out. For the most part, this detail – the smart contract address, can be found on the URL address of the NFT’s webpage.

On marketplaces such as OpenSea, it is slightly different as you will have to click a button tagged “Details”. This button is usually located in the row where the smart contract is situated. Specifically, it is the first blue-colored hyperlink that you find on this row.

You will end up being directed to the scanner when you click this button. This allows you to access the token ID, which consists of a group of numbers. For more specificity, these unique numbers are usually located beneath the contact address.

4. Addition of the Smart Contract

The next phase would be to go to your browser’s extension section and then click the pertinent section to create an NFT tab. Once you do this, you will be presented with a list of buttons that can be triggered.

What you need to do next is to hit the button that is tagged “import token”. This would present you with a list of options. The right option for this purpose would be to click the button tagged “Custom Token.”

Once you do this, there will be a vacant field that is meant to be filled with your Token contract address. Once you do this, the token symbol should automatically fill itself.

You will notice that there is a field tagged “token decimal’ that should be filled. All you need to do is to type in the number “0” there. Afterward, click the button tagged “Add Custom Token”.

Next, you are to click the button tagged “Import” after you must have gone through its content to be sure everything checks out. These series of steps should cause your non-fungible token to appear in your MetaMask platform.

Additionally, your newly added non-fungible token can be viewed. This is by clicking on it whenever you open a new NFT tab.

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding or Importing NFTs to MetaMask on Mobile Application

There are lots of similarities between doing this via mobile application and doing this via website access as discussed above. By and large, you would need to:

1. Download & install the MetaMask platform

This is possible on iOS and Android devices. You just have to get it using the pertinent store.

Once installed, the platform should be opened, and the button tagged “create a Wallet” clicked on. You are then to log into your account using your seed phase information.

2. Locate the Non-Fungible Token’s Contract Address

This is pretty much the same as it is with the website option. So, follow the steps outlined above.

3. Locating the Token ID

For marketplaces like OpenSea, the button tagged “details” should be clicked on. You can find this button in the “Token ID” row area. For more specificity, it is the group of numbers under the smart contract address in this row. This group of numbers should be copied as they would be needed much later.

4. Addition of Non-Fungible Smart Contract to the Platform

Head to the hamburger menu on the platform and click the button tagged “Wallet” to do this. Afterward, the “NFT” tab situated on the left area should be selected.

Next, you are to paste the earlier copied detail (smart contract address) in the field provided after selecting the “Import NFTs” button. The final step would be to click the button tagged “Import”.


Creation and ownership of NFTs are fast becoming a leading trend in the blockchain industry. The possibility of monetizing content through this means is a major reason for this. You can read this article for other reasons.

In light of this, people are looking for ways to properly manage and access their NFTs. MetaMask offers this and several other things. To this end, this article has shed light on the subject of adding, importing, and even viewing NFTs on this platform. So, take note of this going forward.

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