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Here is how you can look back at the first Instagram post you liked


There is a quote that says, ” Nostalgia is like grammar, you find the present tense but the past perfect”. We love to switch off from the present and reminisce our days in the past quite often. Quite often, we like to look at old pictures and it gives us a sense of how much times have changed.

Nowadays, apps help you go on this sweet nostalgic ride. Apps such as Google Photos and Apple Photos have features that pop-up pictures from the past time and again. It’s extremely fun to open your Facebook or Instagram and see what you were doing on a particular day, a few years back.

Some of you might have thought what is the kind of content I was interacting with when I opened my account. People even wonder what was probably the first post that they ever liked. Luckily now, Instagram answers that question for you as you can easily access that and more information from the app.

Here is how you can find the first Instagram post that you liked :

1 . Open your profile on the Instagram profile and click on the three lines in the top right corner.

2 . Tap on ‘Your Activity’.

3 . Select ‘Interactions’.

4 . Once in interactions, go ahead and select ‘Likes’.

5 . Next, click on the ‘Sort & Filter’ option and then click on ‘Sort by’

6 . As you can see in the previous image that the pictures are sorted by ‘Newest to oldest’, you just have to change this setting to ‘Oldest to newest’.

Once you hit apply, within a few seconds, your page will show you the earliest picture you liked. Not only that, it will show you all the pictures you liked from the beginning, chronologically.

You can also tap on any post and be guided back to it to have a look as to when it was posted. This works on both Android as well as iPhone. Users can also choose to participate in the current trend of revealing “what was the first post that you liked on Instagram?”, just to share a laugh with friends and family.

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