Meet Anchal Mehta: An aspiring young Women Entrepreneur


Age does not limit success. You are never too young or too old to start something that you are passionate about. Pursuing ambitions does not have age limitations Also you don’t need high school diplomas or even driver’s licenses to turn their ideas into thriving businesses. 

Today, let’s meet Anchal Mehta, despite her young age, she has already started and successfully grown her own business, proving that age is just a number when it comes to entrepreneurship. With her passion, dedication, and hard work, she has managed to turn her ideas into reality and create a profitable venture. She is an inspiration to many young women who aspire to pursue their dreams and make a mark in the business world. In this age where entrepreneurship is becoming more accessible and celebrated, she is a shining example of how young people can use their creativity and drive to make a positive impact on society. With a combination of creativity, resilience, and hard work, she has managed to turn her vision into a successful venture. As a young woman, she has faced and overcome various challenges that come with entrepreneurship, but she remains determined to achieve her goals. With her innovative ideas, leadership skills, and strong sense of purpose, [Name] is making waves in her industry

Who is Anchal Mehta?

I’m Anchal Mehta, I’m 22 years old and I’m pursuing post-graduation in Clinical psychology from Amity University, Noida. I have 2 startups and 1 company. One is a psychology startup, other two ventures are based on Public relations and digital marketing. I love to watch movies to freshen up my mind, I love to go out and explore new places to hang out and to be specific, explore places with good food.

I’m the only child of my parents. So, I have to manage personal and family responsibilities, as well as business and studies. I’m quite bossy, and career-oriented with a touch of a friendly bond with my team and employees/interns.

What are your ventures and what do they do?

THE KNOWBILITY and KPORIUM DIGITAL (estd 2022) is a Delhi-based Public Relations and Marketing Company. Established in the year 2021. It assists its clients in upskilling their marketing plans and growing digitally, which is critical for business survival. Social media has become an essential component of any marketing strategy for a company. The Knowbility assists clients in connecting with potential customers, raising brand awareness, and increasing sales. It also supports its client’s goals by delivering effective marketing methods.

At a very young age, what inspired you to start your own venture?

I started my business career during the lockdown. Sitting idle was making me go crazy because I have always been a person who loves to be productive. So, I started my Instagram career back in high school. Slowly and steadily, I started growing my network and started observing people in the same segment and industry and their work in PR and marketing actually intrigued me. So, I started working with brands as a freelancer and later I got an offer from a Gurgaon-based marketing company to join them as a Business development manager and I accepted the offer. That is when I started off with this work and I started enjoying it even though it was quite hectic. After a few months, I started planning my own venture because my work tenure was about to end. What inspired me to start at such a young age was my passion and hardship towards this work. I always wanted my own venture as our Prime Minister also mentions ‘atma nirbhar’ and promotes ‘self-employment’. So, I thought why not start with something of my own and generate income and employment for others.

Another thing that inspired me to start my own venture was to break generational stereotypes in my family and in society that ‘women can’t run their own businesses’. I guess I pretty much have broken the stereotypes and won everyone’s respect and hearts!!

I also wanted to inspire other women around me. A lot of people come up to me like my cousins and my juniors in university and they say ‘I want to become like you’. That is what keeps the motivation going and keeps inspiring me every time I feel like giving up.

I was also inspired by my mother as I have seen her while she was working and how well she used to deal with her colleagues and customers. Her attitude towards work is a big inspiration for me!!

Being a young Woman Entrepreneur, what are you learning about the startup ecosystem?

I feel startups are the future of not just India but the World!!

If you are passionate about something, you can definitely make it a huge success. Startups will definitely generate employment for this generation and give them a good number of opportunities. All you need to do is stay focused and keep working hard.

Also, for upcoming entrepreneurs who have their startup ideas, it’s either do it now or regret later!! So they should give their ideas a shot and implement them because if the execution and process are right, they will definitely succeed.

Do you believe AI helps you in boosting up your business?

Yes definitely! Specially for people like us working in remote mode. The only medium of communication and meetings is all through AI. I feel AI has both advantages and disadvantages. So you should use them wisely. It definitely helps boosting businesses.
It also becomes easier for clients to communicate via zoom, google meet, etc even during travelling or away from office.
I feel that AI and work from home is the future of India as it also helps in cutting the cost of agencies and specially startups. There are many big firms who have implemented work from home and its all possible due to AI technology.

As a women entrepreneur, do you face criticism from society?

Alot. Before I even started my career in this industry as an entrepreneur, I did face a lot of criticism from people in my university or circle.
It’s not just after becoming entrepreneur, but I feel women usually deal with criticism the day they start doing something for their own like taking a decision for themselves during high school.
People in school used to criticise me alot be it body shaming, or anything else related to my physical features.
So, yeah. Criticism has helped me come a long way and helped me in becoming bolder, stronger and better everyday!
I deal with critics very differently than other people. I offend them in the face with my success, haha.

How do you deal with them?

Remember one thing- Criticism always comes from people who are below you. You will never get criticised by a person who is doing good in life and they are satisfied with their work or life.

More than criticism, I focused on myself, my business, and how well my clients liked my work and working style, focused on my family who was a huge supporter of success and my close friends who were immense supporters. 

I faced a lot of criticism and stereotypes about ‘women entrepreneurs’ and had to go through a lot of jealousy as well. But I always preferred focusing on how green my grass is rather than focusing on theirs.

Do you believe mentors are important for any business?

I’d like to correct this here! ‘Right’ mentors are definitely important. Because mentors can either develop your skills, knowledge and beliefs or completely ruin them in a way you never believe in your own mentors.

For me, I don’t see anyone as my mentor except my mother. Be it school or now auniversity, nobody has been quite a motivation for me except for my own passion and my parents.

One piece of advice you would like to give to future Entrepreneurs.

If you ever feel like your startup or business won’t succeed, or you feel like giving up, that is the time you should never ever give up and keep going and keep doing!! Your hard work will definitely pay off one day! Just believe in yourself and don’t listen to what others have to say about you or your business.

Keep going and keep inspiring others.

As women’s day is nearing, one piece of advice from you, especially for women entrepreneurs who are wishing to start their own ventures.

Always remember one thing. This world wants you to grow and succeed but to a limit and society wants to hold you back from growing.

Until and unless you don’t challenge your own limits, you will never succeed. Challenge yourself and your capabilities and see how you fly and grow!!  Just never give up and learn to fight your battles alone.

Also, if you wish to start your own venture, make sure your planning and execution are done pretty well!! Because if planning and execution are done well, you will definitely succeed.

Anchal is a shining example of a young woman who has taken charge of her own destiny by pursuing her dreams and turning them into reality. She has shown that age, gender, or any other societal expectations should not limit one’s ability to succeed in the business world. Her story serves as an inspiration to other young women who aspire to be entrepreneurs, take risks, believe in themselves, and never give up on their dreams. As she continues to grow her business and make a positive impact on her community, there is no doubt that Anchal will leave a lasting legacy in the entrepreneurial world.

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