Meet Mr.Sidhharrth Kumar: An Astrologer with a great business mind


Meet Mr Siddharrth Kumar, an astrologer and numerologist who is taking the astrology world by storm. With a passion for unlocking the secrets of the universe and helping people find meaning in their lives, he has dedicated his career to the study of astrology and numerology. As he builds his brand, Numrovani has become a trusted source for those seeking guidance and insight into their futures. With his unique blend of intuition, knowledge, and experience, Numrovani has helped countless individuals tap into their own inner wisdom and discover their true path in life.

Growing up, he always had a fascination with the stars and the way they seemed to influence people’s lives. As he delved deeper into astrology and numerology, he began to see patterns emerge and realized that there was a profound connection between the movement of the planets and the events in people’s lives. Determined to share his insights with the world, he started his own astrology brand, offering personalized readings and consultations to clients from all walks of life.

Today, Numrovani has grown to encompass a wide range of services, from daily horoscopes and tarot readings to in-depth birth chart analyses and numerology reports. With a deep understanding of the intricacies of astrology and numerology, he is able to provide his clients with unparalleled insight and guidance, helping them navigate the complexities of life and achieve their goals.

As the reputation continues to grow, he remains committed to providing his clients with the highest level of service and support. Whether you’re seeking clarity about your career, love life, or any other area of your life, Siddharth has the knowledge and expertise to help you unlock your full potential and live your best life. So now, let’s explore his journey and discuss his thoughts about building a brand. 

Who is Mr. Sidhharrth Kumar? A little brief about him

Hi! I am Sidhharrth S Kumaar and I am a chief happiness officer at Numrovani. At Numrovani, we help people to discover their true potential by leveraging the art of Astrology, Numerology and the Vedas. We help them in discovering a DIY lifestyle which is personalised and customised as per their name and date of birth. So, this is one area where we work and we have a program called lap, Life Accelerating Program. Here, we help individuals make their life better in a customised manner. Apart from this, we also help companies in improving their employee engagement, and metrics, and improving their employee attraction ratio and help them fill their workplace with happiness. This is what I do. Personally, I started learning science at the age of 6. Spending more than a decade researching the subject and learning about it. In 2013, I started it as a side hustle. Then slowly and steadily I groomed into this. I am educated in Pharma and educated in Pharmacy. I have worked for around 8 years in the industry, consulting with the biggest rating firms, etc.

How did this journey start?

At the age of 6, it was not very clear which path to take, and what to follow. It was confusing to decide to choose a career in numerology. Talking around the year early 1995-96, I strongly believe it was in my genes, my family, as they were in this field and were consulting offline. I used to believe it is not full-time work and we could do it for a time purpose but it is not that you can pursue as a full-time work. I have done my schooling, and degrees and worked with corporates but I did not stop learning my passion and 2013 proved to be a magical year for me. As I never stopped researching and learning astrology I decided to give it a try. I started doing it as a side hustle. I learned until and unless you practice it in real life you don’t get actual experience with that. From 2013 to 2018, I was more focused on advising people like my friends, their reference, and family. 2018 was another milestone year in which I planned to bring it online. Here, I was open for the public to consult and in the last 3 years, it showed tremendous growth.

In the initial stage, was making people believe that astrology and numerology actually make sense and are effective?

I cannot say that people do not believe in numerology and astrology and this is not a fact. People do believe in the subject and people do doubt astrology. My mistakes are my errors and we cannot blame astrology for them. Yes, it is even today that people sometimes do not get convinced and this one factor is difficult to make them believe that astrology actually is effective. But I call myself strong in making people believe that it works may it be modern or traditional.

How was your overall experience in building numerology as a Brand?

While I was in the growing stage, I consulted clients from various countries. I have worked with many big firms, consulting them for the betterment and it was definitely a tricky journey. I started believing that reaching people through the B2C route, will take me years to reach people. And when I saw to the competition, they were more focused on the B2C stage. That was a moment when I realised that it is the right time for me to start the B2B and a B2C brand. Because when I was working with companies, I was impacting more lives at a time and this resulted in reduced impact. So I decided to focus on both B2B and B2C and now it is a brand. Right now, we are more focused on B2C as a brand. The second thing is that people need to trust you, people need to be aware of you. And that is the time when the content came into the picture. I started writing whenever I got a place. And, one secret behind making Numrovani a brand is content writing. I wrote the content in areas which matter the most, and which is many often not talked about. And that resulted in the attraction of content that this person is talking about something unique and interesting.

By any chance, do you believe Technology and Artificial Intelligence are helping you in Astrology?

When I talk about technology, then certainly technology had transformed Astrology significantly, both for the customers as well as the astrologers. Further, if we talk about astrologers then there are numerous software that comes into the picture that actually takes away a lot of manual calculation. Initially, there were a lot of manual calculations to be done and actually, the software has reduced that time of calculations and has made everything a bit faster. This is a benefit for astrologers. ( Now, if we talk about the customers, then there are a lot of applications that are having very economic pricing and are easily accessible. And, if I combine tech for both spiritual and religious space, the market is very big in India. And if I talk about the global market then this figure is extreme. So, definitely, these last couple of years have resulted in magical ways because people have accepted that this field is a market chunk. Right now this market is very scattered in a much-unorganised manner as there are many independent astrologers and many companies coming to the space but still, the market is disrupted. It is a very early stage for artificial intelligence to disrupt it. But certainly, as the progress of science is good in astrology,

AI is going to be a good asset for the astrologers in near future

It is going to reduce their manual efforts, it will help in more productivity and efficiency. It will help in being more effective rather than focusing on more monotonous calculations.

We find many applications for astrology these days. Are they actually reliable? Should people believe in them?

There are 2 types of astrology apps. The first type is where you put your date of birth and other details and there comes a solo kundli and other predictions. So here is where the software does the calculations right. The second one is where the applications try to predict the future, which I believe is not reliable. The reason behind this is that there are a lot many things that depend on what you do in your life. That I call as Kriya Maankaram. And a person can only read this only with the help of intuition.

And this second type of app comes as a marketplace where there are human astrologers available to help. Definitely, these apps are reliable. It is just a window where you can interact with people and at last you are going to consult a human.

You obviously started this brand from a scratch. So as a founder what were the things you learned?

As a founder, I learned never ever hesitate from doing simple things. The founder is all about a tag, it is a fancy title that you can write on LinkedIn or other social media places but apart from this, it is a responsibility. There is a simple thing that makes a product, make a thing that people love. Your customer service and your empathy for the customers are what differentiates you.

As a founder, it is very important for you to hold your value and integrity.

Because once your integrity is questioned you are obviously going to lose a person and the second you are going to lose is a question of the mouth. Because typically this is what we called the network of the viral effect. The word of mouth is going to help you go viral, and help you grow if you use it wisely. For eg, when I started this brand, I was very active on social media. I used to share content that matters to the people. And I call them moment content. It was content that I loved to read. If people will find it worth, they will definitely connect with you. It is the biggest marketing strategy where we write the content and the content has actually been delivered. As a founder, it is important to hold your value. The second thing is that there is nothing going to happen if you work 24/7. Many founders believe that if we work 24/7, then the business will grow fast. It is not true. This is not the case. Founder’s own well-being, their own health is also very important. As a founder, you should be the plan bearer to make sure when to prioritise work and when to prioritise life. It is important to do that. The second thing is to listen to your customers. It is important to make sure what they like and what they did not like.  Still every time, I make sure to take feedback from my customers even if it is positive or negative. It helps me to understand what turned out to be good and bad. And last but not the least, as a brand it is important for a brand to think proactively about the future. It is important to see how the future will be transformed. Until and unless this does not happen, the solution will not come on time.  It is important to understand what to expect from the business, whatever and however you do.

Do you believe mentors are important for any business or startup?

Yes, definitely mentors are very important. There are 2 options – to learn by making mistakes or learning from the mistakes of others. And mentors help to identify mistakes that they have done in their life and make sure you don’t repeat them. So definitely, mentors are a very good support to have by your side.

According to you, what things an entrepreneur should take care of while growing the business?

One thing I feel is that it is the responsibility of an entrepreneur to empower people. You are a human being, you cannot work 24/7. As a leader, empower people and then they will take care of business. They should feel that you trust them, you trust their decisions. You have to make sure that they take the same decisions that you would have taken in that situation. 

From Astrology point of view, what things are important you believe a startup should keep in mind?

If we talk about how startups can leverage astrology and numerology in phases then it depends on which phase you are. If you are someone who is going to start a business then astrology can help you is first in what areas you need to launch the business. If that location is suitable for you or not suitable. The second is the muhurta i.e. when you should start the business. The third area is your company name, brand name, and logo. This is when you are going to start your business. Once you have started the business, it helps you in deciding your strategy. It is called a business booster. It is the time when you have to accelerate your business or slow down. Other things we help in deciding their product range, launch dates, their product tagline, and colours behind that, these are the things that can be customised. And the last thing is where astrology can help you in designing the employee well-being product. Astrology and Numerology are like a torch, it is like a guidance map that is going to help you to design or customise your well-being and your employees’ well-being. E love to quit rather than speak things up. At this moment astrology can help you think and act right.

So, let’s talk about your achievements lately. You have been recognised as the youngest numerologist on the TEDx talk show. How was your experience over there?

When I started working in Astrology, I made sure to take astrology in areas where it has not been taken to. TEDx is a great platform to be there and talk about how these numbers impact and it was really a great moment for me to be the youngest Astrologer till date on that stage. Also, I would love to see that record break as soon as possible as I want more people to reach higher and this will be a great moment for me too.

In conclusion, Mr. Sidhharrth S Kumaar is also a great businessman is a unique and fascinating individual. Through their mastery of both astrological and numerological techniques, they have gained a deep understanding of human nature and behaviour. This knowledge, combined with their shrewd business acumen, has allowed them to build a successful enterprise and gain a loyal following of clients. Whether they are predicting future trends or offering business advice, this individual’s insights and expertise have proven invaluable to many. Their success serves as a testament to the power of knowledge and intuition in both business and personal endeavours.

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