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Meet7: Redefining Online Dating for Meaningful Connections


In this special interview, we take a closer look at Meet7, the dating app that’s changing the way people meet and connect. Meet7’s co-founder, Saurabh Awasthi, a data expert with over ten years of experience, tells us what inspired the app and how it’s different. Learn about Meet7’s unique features, like not having to swipe and fun games for couples. Find out how Meet7 keeps users safe by making sure everyone’s a real person through a referral system.

Discover how Meet7 has grown a lot and what’s coming next to make online dating better and safer for everyone.

An introduction about the co-founder

Saurabh Awasthi is a co-founder of Meet7, the new-age dating app that is changing the game for singles looking for genuine connections. Saurabh has over 13 years of experience as a data scientist across various industries and brings a wealth of expertise to the team. He is a B.Tech graduate from the prestigious IIT Roorkee and was recognized as one of the Top 10 Data Scientists by Analytics India Magazine in 2018.

Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind creating Meet7 and what sets it apart from other dating apps in the market?

Meet7’s commitment to leveraging technology for improved user experiences and safety sets it apart from other dating apps in the market:

1. No Swiping feature

Unlike most dating apps that use swiping to match users, Meet7 has a “no swipe” approach that leads to a distinctive dating journey tailored to individuals seeking more meaningful connections. This makes users trust Meet7 more because of their transparency and the trust that they have built in the hearts of their users.

2. Mandating identity verification, instead of optionalizing

While most dating apps encourage users to verify their identities, it is not mandatory. On Meet7, identity verification is mandatory, and users cannot make a profile without completing it. If any part of the verification and analysis returns a different result than what was fed in the profile, the system flags the profile and no matches are given to the user.

3.Preference to user interaction inputs over provided Inputs

The Meet7 Algorithm uses machine learning to track both overt and covert preferences of users. This is in contrast to traditional dating platforms, which often rely on superficial criteria such as appearance and location rather than more reliable metrics such as in-app behavior analysis and responses to KnowQ and CompQ questions. This ensures that users are presented with personalized recommendations more likely to result in meaningful connections.

Meet7 has been described as a “game-changer” in the dating app landscape. What specific features or aspects of Meet7 do you believe contribute to this distinction?

Meet7 is described as a “game-changer” in the dating app landscape for a number of reasons, including:

1. Best fit matches

Meet7’s USP is its capacity to identify compatible partners; with it, the app is celebrating the presence of over 1,000 couples. Based on their shared beliefs, hobbies, and personality traits, it employs AI to pair users with compatible mates. With the idea of ‘meeting people not profiles,’ it offers the ‘CompQ’ feature, which examines personality features by asking a few basic questions and analyzes compatibility before returning matches, ensuring more meaningful interactions.

2. ‘Sterilizing’ online dating

From the outset of the user journey, ‘no swipe’ dating respects the user as an individual, rather than as a few attributes of a profile. This fosters favorable attitudes on the app and raises emotions of self-worth and confidence. Additionally, Meet7 has a zero-tolerance policy for catfishing and cyberbullying. To help women make wiser selections, the app also has a behavior grading system that is only visible on the profiles of male users. Female profiles won’t show these scores, but any suspicious or erroneous conduct or reporting by women will be watched over, discouraged, and dealt with right away.

3. Analysis behavior

Data analytics is used to examine how users interact with the platform by monitoring user interaction with profiles, messaging trends, and response rates. Meet7 is learning to “Watch what users do, not just what they say” as a result of this. This in-app behavior analysis meticulously chooses the following set of matches customized to individual interests and expectations, ensuring that Meet7: recognizes “bad actors” engaging in fraudulent or inappropriate behavior; and continuously improves the matching algorithms.

The social referral feature of Meet7 is designed to monitor fake profiles and bots. How does this feature work, and what impact has it had on user safety and experience?

1) Meet7’s social referral feature works by requiring new users to be referred by existing users. This means that new users can only create an account if they are invited by someone they know and trust. This helps to reduce the number of fake profiles and bots on the app, as it is more difficult for spammers to create and maintain multiple accounts.

2) The social referral feature has had a significant impact on user safety and experience on Meet7. According to the Meet7 website, the feature has helped to make the app free of fake profiles, bots and scammers. This has made Meet7 a safer and more enjoyable place for users to connect with each other.

3) The social referral feature has also helped to improve the quality of matches on Meet7. Since new users can only create an account if they are referred by an existing user, users are more likely to meet people who are serious about dating and who they have something in common with.

5. Can you elaborate on the interactive couple games offered on Meet7? How do these games contribute to building and nurturing relationships between users?

Meet7 is constantly evolving to try and ensure that there is no break in quality engagement between couples. Even in non-romantic relationships or daily interactions, we have seen that the most effective icebreaker for any interaction stalemate is starting a game. We suggest certain in-app quizzes and games to couples, curated specifically to the stage of interaction between them. For example, for couples who are in the early stages of their journey, we would suggest simple word association and poem/story completion games, and for couples who have been together for a while we would have in-depth quizzes, exercises designed to explore each other’s personality deeper.

Meet7 has achieved impressive growth since its founding in December 2022, with over 120,000 users. What do you attribute this success to, and what are your plans for further expansion?

Meet7 has grown now to 150,000 users because it is the only effortless, serious dating app which makes online dating safer and easier for users.   

Meet7 is constantly changing as a result of user feedback and internal learning. Increasing user engagement, safety, and meaningful relationships will continue to be our top priorities. While we use AI/ML, our app is human and values interactions over matches. In addition to personality assessments using questions, we are investigating the use of facial analysis to ascertain user characteristics. Through additional pair games and quizzes, virtual speed dating, and the above-discussed recommended next steps, we also intend to enhance user engagement. Through in-app behavior analysis, we will keep raising the bar for user safety and privacy and develop a more meaningful online dating environment.   

The swipe-free experience is one of Meet7’s unique features. How does it work, and how has it been received by users?

Over time, the gap between online and offline dating has been established by swipe-style apps that make it appear like looking through catalogs of profiles. Due to the inability of many who prefer to socialize online to form meaningful connections in the real world, it has led to issues with anxiety, low self-worth, frustration, and loneliness. Online users appear to be hiding their identities by editing their user profile and profile photos to enhance the likelihood that someone will swipe right and find the most matches. However, because of the imbalanced gender ratios, women receive too much attention from these apps, which causes discomfort and analysis paralysis. Our vision is to completely eliminate “swiping through a catalog of profiles” to select dates. The swipe-free experience on Meet7 is a unique feature that sets it apart from other dating apps. Instead of swiping through profiles, Meet7 users are matched with other users based on their compatibility.Through a feature called ‘CompQ’ answering 5 simple questions you can match instantly with your perfect partner without spending hours swiping profiles.This compatibility is determined by a variety of factors, including users’ interests, values, and communication styles.Once users are matched, they can start chatting with each other right away. Meet7 also offers a variety of features to help users connect with each other in meaningful ways, such as voice and video calling, icebreaker games, and virtual dates.

User privacy and data protection are essential in online dating apps. What security measures does Meet7 employ to ensure the safety of user information?

Meet7 is an AI-driven dating app that takes user privacy and data protection very seriously. They employ a number of security measures to ensure the safety of user information, including:

1. Identity verification

Meet7 requires all users to verify their accounts with a phone number and photo verification. Male profiles require another layer of verification i.e., either invitation by an existing users or verification by linking their LinkedIn profile. This helps to prevent fake accounts and catfishing.

2. Using data / information encryption

All information and user data on meet7 is encrypted and can be accessed only by the admin through a secured passcode. All our analysis and machine learning is performed without accessing any personal data / information

3. Storing data securely

Meet7 stores user data on secure servers that are protected by multiple layers of security measures.

4. Giving users control over their data

Meet7 gives users control over their data by allowing them to choose what information they share with the platform and who they share it with. Users can also delete their account and all of their data at any time.

In addition to these security measures, Meet7 is also committed to transparency and accountability. Weregularly review our security practices and make changes as needed. Wealso have a dedicated team of security experts who are available to answer any questions users may have about your privacy and security.

With the recent funding secured, what are your strategies for marketing and promoting Meet7 to attract a wider user base?

Our marketing strategy mainly targets students and professionals aged between 20 and 30 living in major cities in India. We understand the changing priorities and world view of our audience as well as the subtle differences between the users within our target group, and ensure that even our social media communities on Instagram and LinkedIn provide a safe and secure space for them to express themselves and meet people with whom they vibe. Regular communication through in-app updates, and social media keeps them informed about new features and events tailored to them. We also ran a campaign called NoCompromise with Amol Parasher and Sayani Gupta – to show our commitment to improve the user experience in online dating. Separately, we actively engage with them by tailoring our app’s features to their needs and interests, as well as introduce features based on their feedback and concerns.

How do you see Meet7 evolving in the future, and what goals do you have for the app in terms of helping individuals find meaningful relationships?

User involvement is the life or death of dating apps, thus efforts to increase and improve engagement are still a top priority. As AI-driven algorithms advance, they can provide more precise and customized matches by aiming to match emotions rather than just tastes. Increasing user engagement, safety, and meaningful relationships will continue to be our major priorities. Along with personality testing via questions, we are investigating the use of facial analysis to determine user characteristics. In addition, we want to enhance user interactions by adding more couple games and quizzes, virtual speed dating, and the previously mentioned suggested steps. By using in-app behavior analysis to analyze user behavior, we will keep raising the bar for user safety and privacy and building a more fulfilling online dating community.   

 As a co-founder with a background in data science, how has your expertise contributed to the development and success of Meet7, particularly in terms of user matching and engagement?

Apart from using cutting-edge AI/ML driven matchmaking as discussed above, Meet7 uses AI, machine learning and data analytics to elevate user experiences through:    

Ushering users through their journey

Meet7’s data engine is primed for interactions, allowing the app to offer a variety of unique interactive features, such as ice-breaking sessions and games, that prompt users to engage better. Through machine learning, we can usher users to the next steps based on the stage of their interaction. For example, to kill the awkwardness and to save you from embarrassing yourself, Meet7 has curated guided interactions with the ‘KnowQ’ feature.Through a set of questions with options, you can learn to understand the person by building a cohesive conversation.     

In-app behavior analysis

Data analytics is used to study user interactions on the platform, by tracking engagement with profiles, messaging patterns, and response rates. Through this, Meet7 is learning to “Watch what users do, not just what they say”. This behavioral analysis continually refines the matching algorithms, ensuring that Meet7: identifies “bad actors” indulging in fraudulent or inappropriate behavior; and carefully selects the next set of matches catered to individual interests and expectations using in-app behavior analysis. 

To conclude, Meet7 isn’t just repairing what’s broken; it’s setting new benchmarks for dating apps, earning us 150000 users in just 10 months.

Can you share any success stories or memorable moments from users who have found meaningful connections through Meet7?

In the last 10 months, over 1000 couples have interacted over our platform. We have successfully set up about 100 dates so far, where users have enjoyed both the experience and the company. Overall, we are creating a richer, safer, and more customised experience to keep users engaged and satisfied.

In a competitive market, how does Meet7 plan to maintain its position as a leading platform for individuals seeking genuine connections over the long term?

Meet7 is an AI driven dating app that aims to help individuals seeking genuine connections over the long term. Here are some of the ways Meet7 plans to maintain its position as a leading platform in this space:

Continued investment in AI and machine learning

Meet7 is constantly working to improve its AI and machine learning algorithms to better match users with compatible partners. This includes developing new algorithms that can take into account a wider range of factors, such as users’ values, lifestyles, and relationship goals.

Focus on building a community of users who are serious about finding love

Meet7 has a number of features in place to encourage users to create meaningful profiles and connect with others who are looking for long-term relationships. For example, users are required to complete a detailed profile check and are only able to see other users who have also completed the questionnaire.

Offering a variety of features and tools to help users connect and build relationships

Meet7 offers a variety of features and tools to help users connect and build relationships, such as video chat, voice messaging, and in-app events. This makes it easy for users to get to know each other better and build stronger connections.

In addition to the above, Meet7 is also working on a number of new initiatives to further improve its platform and make it even more effective for users who are seeking genuine connections over the long term.

How do you envision the future of online dating apps, and what role do you believe Meet7 will play in shaping that future?

Over time, there has been a divide between online and physical dating due to swipe-style apps that look like catalogs of profiles. Due to their inability to form meaningful relationships in the real world, people who prefer to socialize online have experienced problems with anxiety, self-worth, frustration, and loneliness. In order to boost their chances of receiving the most matches with a right swipe, online users appear to wear a mask by altering their profile and photo. However, because of the unbalanced gender ratios, women receive an excessive amount of attention from these apps, which causes discomfort and analysis paralysis. Our vision is to completely eliminate “swiping through a catalog of profiles” to select dates. While we use AI/ML, our app is human and values interactions over matches. We see Meet7 as an effortless, serious dating app which makes online dating safer and easier for users.   

Are there any upcoming features or developments in Meet7 that users can look forward to?

Users on our app can anticipate specific interactions and user matching like:

1. Next step recommendation and prompts for matches

We remind our users of each other’s hobbies or likes if a conversation lags through KnowQ and other features. Additionally, the software guides users by pointing out appropriate times for couple games, compliments, in-app purchases, and even virtual or in-person dates. To lessen the awkwardness associated with these kinds of interactions in India, the app can also recommend locations for a date based on shared interests.

2. Scheduled or instant speed dating events

We provide customized speed dating sessions for those who want a more engaged experience. Users can video meet up to seven people at a time for a speed dating session. By using this, people can locate partners more quickly and gain confidence through communication.

Lastly, what advice do you have for individuals using dating apps like Meet7 to make the most of their experience and increase their chances of finding meaningful relationships?

When using dating apps like Meet7 or any other platform, it’s essential to approach it with an open mind and genuine intentions. Be authentic in your profile, and use recent photos to represent yourself accurately. Take the time to get to know your potential matches through meaningful conversations, asking questions, and sharing your own thoughts and experiences. Patience is key; don’t rush into things, and be open to various possibilities. Safety is paramount, so ensure your first meeting occurs in a public place. Above all, remember that meaningful relationships take time to develop, so be persistent and keep a positive outlook while using the apps.

Meet7 is changing the way people find love online. The co-founder, Saurabh Awasthi, and his team have made the app unique with features like no swiping and fun games for couples. They also take safety seriously by making sure everyone is a real person. Meet7 has grown a lot, and they’re working on making online dating even better and safer. The future looks bright for those seeking meaningful connections on this app.

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