Meta Renaissance Labs: Providing end-to-end NFT creation services in India

The Meta Renaissance is looking to help artists increase their reach and unlock their true potential through NFTs.


The world of NFTs is growing every day. NFTs are becoming very popular because of the power it gives in the hands of artists and creators. It can transform your beautiful art pieces into a token that will entitle you with originality rights but also help you monetize fast.

The Meta Renaissance is one such company in India that helps anyone create NFTs. Even if you are not well-versed with the jargon and working knowledge of the NFT world, you can let this company take care of everything.

Team Sociobits connected with the Founder and CEO of The Meta Renaissance, Mr. Rishi Goyal to explore the creative world of NFTs.

Team Sociobits: Could you tell us a little about yourself and your company Meta Renaissance?

Founder: I have been an investment banker for the last seven years but I have always focused on steering my life in the direction where I can create a tremendous amount of value. Recently, I started exploring the NFT space through my startup – Meta Renaissance Labs.

At The Meta Renaissance Labs, we work with artists and creators in the digital space to help them unlock value for themselves. We are looking to unlock value for Indian artists who have not really been respected in the space that they should have garnered Internationally. The kind of respect that has been absent for over a decade now. We hope to be a catalyst who takes this movement forward and that is the reason why we named our company ‘The Meta Renaissance Labs.’ It’s not just a company, it is sort of a movement.

Through this movement, we will take forward Indian musicians, and Indian digital artists, and get them the respect and attention they truly deserve.

Team Sociobits: Why did you switch from being an investment banker to venturing into the world of NFT?

Founder: Around nine to ten months back, I received a very heartening report that said NFTs are the next big boom in the cryptocurrency world. They were compounding at astronomical rates. The industry went from $70 million to around $4 billion in about three to six months. This caught my eye and I realized the kind of value that is available to unlock in this space. I found it absolutely wonderful and I decided to take the plunge, involving myself in a tech startup.

“The NFT industry went from $70 million to around $4 billion in about three to six months. This caught my eye and I realized the kind of value that is available to unlock in this space.”

– Rishi Goyal, Founder of Meta Renaissance

Team Sociobits: How has your journey with The Meta Renaissance Labs been?

Founder: It’s been absolutely wonderful! We have already completed thirteen collections. We have created assets of about $4.5 million and we are also on the path to creating NFTs of around $6 million in the next couple of months. We are expecting rapid movements happening in this space with respect to innovation and tech.

So, the journey has always been very fast, and being a startup in the tech sector, speed is the name of the game.

Team Sociobits: Do you have any competitors? Why would creators choose you over them?

Founder: There are a lot of competitors not only in India but also globally. But when we talk about a company that will provide end-to-end solutions, there is only one name that enters the mind of people belonging to the NFT world – The Meta Renaissance.

We will hear you out and take care of creating graphics, creating smart contracts for minting and listing, understanding your PR mechanisms and roadmaps, and incubating a collection for you. People can come to us with a simple idea and we will create an entire NFT collection for you.

Team Sociobits: What are your plans for the future?

Founder: Unfortunately, India missed the opportunity of creating software companies that the country had the capability to create twenty years back. But as our Prime Minister says, “Make in India, Make for the World.” With the opportunity that exists for entrepreneurs right now, I am really keen on seeing how the nation will unlock trillion-dollar companies.

Gone are the days of Google, Instagram and Microsoft being born in the U.S., It is high time Indian ‘techies’ create the companies they have always envisioned. I am very certain it will happen with the Prime Minister’s vision. I expect at least three to four trillion-dollar companies in this space in the next five to six years.

We are also coming out with an NFT collection ‘Crazy Astronaut Space Club.’ It is an in-house five thousand piece NFT collection and we are also assigning a billionaire component to it. Five hundred of these will give you yacht party invites in Florida, Miami, and Monaco. We also want to unlock lot more utilities in the Metaverse.

Team Sociobits: As the CEO of a company that is into NFTs, what are your takes on the NFT collections that are rolling out, and why are they placed at such high values?

Founder: The collections that are being created are very heartening to see, especially coming from female artists who had to work day-in and day-out multiple jobs to make ends meet. Suddenly with the understanding of digital art creation and being backed by females all over the world who are sitting on a certain amount of capital, you can see a lot of feminism in the NFT space. Feminism is equality in its own sense so when you see a world of women, it ensures fluidity in the space.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where everything is an identity; being a girl or boy is an identity assigned at birth. In case we happen to be fluid about our genders and want to show it to the world, Web 3.0 lets us be completely anonymous. You can be absolutely fluid about your thought processes and identities. Unlike what has been happening until now, your data has been taken for a toss and your privacy is not guaranteed. At the end of the day, the content you create is also yours.

When you attach all of this together, you can understand why are these NFTs garnering such high values.

Team Sociobits: What do you think of the future of NFTs?

Founder: I agree that a lot of people have been terming it as a big bubble but when we understand NFTs from a practical standpoint, there are far more utilities attached to them. That’s why I believe that the future is now.

NFTs can be transformative when it comes to musical events and ticketing. They can also provide long-term solutions to artists and musicians across the globe. I expect a lot of music labels to go out of business in the next couple of years because musicians can now directly create their content through NFTs, eliminating the bigger brands. It will also create a lot of royalties for these artists.

Citibank and JP Morgan have recently come up with reports stating that they are expecting this industry to be in the vicinity of eight to ten trillion dollars.

Citibank and JP Morgan have recently come up with reports stating that they are expecting this industry to be in the vicinity of eight to ten trillion dollars. So, the value is available, the market is available and since India is a consumption-based company, we can take it global.

The Meta Renaissance is helping people with a basic idea of NFTs to create the world for them. Providing an end-to-end NFT minting solution, it is making the transition from being an artist to a digital artist easier.

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