Top 17 metaverse jobs that have the potential to be in huge demand by the next decade!


When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the whole world out of the blue, the world slowly started adapting to new ways without realizing it. People were doing anything and everything sitting in their homes. From conducting meetings with someone who was living on the other side of the world to kids learning nursery rhymes online, the virtual world got a push and acceptance also acceptance from the people of the physical world.

What we witnessed is only the beginning. Now, we have the metaverse present and soon, we won’t realize when all of us become habituated to it. The metaverse has been around for quite some time now and many tech companies are going all out in order to be the first ones to get there. It is still unclear what exactly is “there” but we are aware that whatever is going to happen will be huge!

According to reports, the company that changed its name to Meta to show how driven they are in building the future of the world has already invested around $10 billion in building the metaverse. It is also predicted that the metaverse market will be close to around $800 billion by 2024 and it will generate around 10,000 jobs over the span of five years.

It is also predicted that the metaverse market will be close to around $800 billion by 2024 and it will generate around 10,000 jobs over the span of five years.

With people researching and striving to create the metaverse a lot of new jobs will come into the picture which will potentially change the job landscape. The transformation from physical to virtual will be possible with the help of a lot of people and their job roles. If you are looking for a job that could associate you with the metaverse, here are 17 jobs that the dawn of the metaverse will certainly welcome.

1. Metaverse Architects

For users to get an enhanced and truly immersive experience, the major job will be dependent on metaverse architects. The structures and designs of buildings, monuments, or any other construction and their interaction with the user will be very important in the metaverse.

Architects in the metaverse will decide the quality of experience users will get while “living” in the metaverse. If there comes a time when we start replicating the physical world in the virtual world, even then architects are going to play a key role in the structural development of the metaverse.

2. Metaverse Research Scientists

Just like in the physical world, the virtual world will also need research scientists. Research scientists in the metaverse can help companies, businesses, or even individuals understand their role in the metaverse better. A research scientist will likely encompass the skillset of researching and having the data of anything and everything on the metaverse. For example, if you own a business that is promoting its products and services on the metaverse, a research scientist can help you get insights into many aspects like which product is performing well, and in turn, help you strategize better.

3. Ecosystem Developer

In extremely simple worlds, the metaverse is a replica of the physical world. With the advent of the metaverse, an ecosystem will keenly observe and work out what are the fundamental needs of communities or platforms that are present in the digital world. They would also require to coordinate with people present in the virtual world in order to develop an ecosystem best suited for everyone.

4. AR and VR Device Developers/ Hardware Engineers

Along with software, hardware will also play a huge role in the forming of the metaverse. While we have VR/AR headsets right now to get a peek into how we will be interacting with other people in the metaverse, to upgrade our experience, we will need hardware engineers or AR/VR device developers to up our hardware game too.

Hardware devices that could help us interact with the metaverse better could be anything like wearables, headsets, goggles, etc. But with time, to make the metaverse experience almost natural we will need lighter and more touch and movement-sensitive devices.

5. Metaverse World Designers

Similar to a video game developer, metaverse world designers will create different world experiences for users. Now, the only thing that a “world designer” will have to keep in mind is that it is not a video game and perhaps an actual world that you will be designing.

World designers will have to look into the impacts that the decision they make today will have after some time. So, future thinking is going to play a key role in creating successful metaverse worlds.

6. Metaverse Safety Managers

The metaverse is still developing and recently we already came across a case of sexual harassment in the virtual world. So, we will need safety managers in the metaverse to ensure we or our avatars can live in the virtual world without any safety threats. Safety managers will be looking into tasks like monitoring hacking attempts, reporting harassment cases, coming up with safety measures to minimize safety violations, etc.

7. Metaverse Cybersecurity Experts

Similar to when Web 2.0 brought new types of fraud and crimes into our lives, cybersecurity is going to become very important in the virtual world. The metaverse has the potential to become a place where hackers will thrive and everyone can easily become prey to data thefts or cyberattacks. Hence, cybersecurity experts in the metaverse will ensure we are safe from cyberattacks and they can also help prevent real-time attacks with their expertise.

8. Metaverse Game Designers

Similar to how the idea of the metaverse started becoming comfortable or at the most familiar to us, the metaverse is going to be huge for the gaming industry! Imagine playing games while actually living them. Yes, that’s how amazing the gaming world can be in the metaverse and this will also result in creating a huge demand for game designers in the metaverse. This could be one of the coolest jobs in the metaverse.

9. Ad-Blocking Experts in the Metaverse

Similar to advertisements that keep popping up while we are browsing on the net or listening to songs on an application, in the metaverse, you could be on a virtual date and it could be ruined by advertisements. So, your virtual personality may also have to navigate through a lot of advertisements, and for this, an ad-blocker becomes absolutely necessary.

10. Metaverse Event Managers or Event Directors

Like Fortnite and Roblox hosting concerts and events with Travis Scott, Ariana Grande, and many more artists, events are also going to be huge in the metaverse. We have already witnessed trailer launches, weddings, and shopping experiences in the metaverse

11. Metaverse Data Bounty Hunters

You must have heard that data is the new oil. This in fact is true and will get truer with the metaverse entering our lives. In the metaverse, you will want to make sure that you have total control of your data, and people that hone skills like data mining, digital skills, and extensive metaverse knowledge are going to be in huge demand.

12. Metaverse Storyteller

The metaverse will be more than just living or interacting virtually with people. We will be able to live different stories, play games, go on quests, attend events and concerts, witness different simulations, and a lot more. Metaverse storytellers will be the people who design and create these experiences and stories for us.

13. Virtual Tour Guide

Similar to when you visit a new place, when you visit the metaverse for the first (not sure whether it will be a metaverse or metaverses) there has to be someone who could guide you, assist you, and also advise you while you explore various metaverse spaces. This is something that will shape once there are people who have substantial knowledge of the metaverse and can help others navigate through their journey.

14. Metaverse Real Estate Agent

The real estate industry will not only witness a huge technological boom with NFTs but they will also have an entirely new field to play in when the virtual world takes shape. With real estate forming in the virtual space, similar to their roles in the physical world, real estate agents will help people look into property options in the digital landscape.

15. Metaverse Marketing Expert

Marketing is something that keeps on progressing with time. Initially, we only had banners and hoarding advertisements but with the internet, digital marketing came into existence. Now, marketing will also be huge in the metaverse. We can already see people marketing their products and services in the virtual world. Many brands have also entered the space to display that they are walking with the technological shift. Here, the role of a metaverse marketing expert will be to boost the presence of brands in the virtual world.

16. Avatars’ Clothing Designer/ Avatar Stylist

This could be one of the most glamorous jobs on the list. If you are a fashion designer or are interested in fashion designing, you could look into becoming an avatar clothing designer or an avatar stylist. You can make sure that your clients are looking their best virtual-selves on the metaverse.

17. Metfluencers

You know the role of influencers, now imagine being an influencer in the metaverse. A metfluencer’s role can be to promote content, products, or services in the virtual space. You can also creatively make videos reviewing your experience in the metaverse, funny things that happen to you, or anything that can help you garner a fan following in the early days of the metaverse.

Now that we will be turning into meta-versians soon, it is the perfect time to look into the job opportunities that the metaverse has to offer. You should also keep a track of the developments that keep happening in the space so that you don’t miss out on any exciting opportunities that could suit you.

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