Model and Influencer Renu Kaushal is taking over the entertainment industry in a pair of six-inch heels

Renu Kushal, the World Supermodel pageant and now an influencer, shares what it took for her to be a part of the modeling industry.


Renu Kaushal is a ‘SoBo’ girl, coming from a family belonging to the defense sector. Among many of her achievements that she has achieved at a very young age, Renu Kaushal has represented India at International Beauty Pageants and has also been a part of several movies.

But what most people don’t see is the struggle, hard work, and dedication that she has put in to stand where she is. Team Sociobits connected with Miss Renu Kaushal to know more about her story and what inspires her to keep going.

Team Sociobits: How does it feel to have represented your country- India on several global modeling platforms?

Renu Kaushal: Representing India on International platforms feels amazing! In the beginning, I used to feel that I am doing what everyone is doing but I always wanted to represent my nation. When I was in New York for Miss India Worldwide, there were models from different countries belonging to the Indian diaspora. Being a part of the Top 7 contestants, I realized that representing your country gives you more power and confidence, and it is also not a small thing to represent the country on a big platform. This is something that hits you only when you are standing on that platform.

I always wanted to do an International beauty pageant and every time I went to pageants, I used to stand tall and everyone got the impression that an international model is standing next to them. I used to take this as a compliment.

“I used to admire the way models walked the ramp, their outfits, and the six-inch heels.they managed all of this without any fear or even stumbling once. This is something I knew that I had to do. I was clear that I want to do this.”

– Renu Kushal, Model

I was also a part of the World Supermodel pageant held in Macau and I competed with supermodels from America, Australia, Canada, and many other countries. I was the only Indian and the only one representing India. I feel that achieving the confidence that I have inculcated in being a part of pageants is a big thing. It makes me feel proud to say that I have represented India internationally.

Team Sociobits: How did you know that you wanted to pursue modeling as your career?

Renu Kaushal: When I was young, MTV was really famous and I used to watch certain modeling shows and it was surprising for everyone because I used to watch these shows at the age of watching cartoons. While watching these shows, something inside me always told me that I belong there.

I used to admire the way they walked the ramp, their outfits, and the six-inch heels. And they managed all of this without any fear or even stumbling once. This is something I knew that I had to do. I was clear that I want to do this.

I traveled to the U.S. to complete my graduation and I came back to India before the pandemic but I continued to walk the ramp along with this. It was during this time that I won the title of Miss World Supermodel and I was nineteen years old.

Even today, I am venturing into the acting field but the ramp is like home for me. I am always ready to walk on the ramp and I feel really good while doing it. In the future, if get any good opportunity to walk on the ramp I will accept it with all my heart.

Team Sociobits: How would you describe your career until now?

Renu Kaushal: I would describe my career as a roller coaster. This is also because my father comes from a defense background and convincing people who have been a part of defense is not easy. He doesn’t understand this industry and I know that he never would have imagined that his kid would be interested in it. Most of my family is in defense or the merchant navy so their natural reaction to my career was, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ As this is not something that anyone from my family will choose to do.

I completed my Advertising and Designing Degree from LA. So, I did everything that my parents wished for me but in the end, I should be happy and I didn’t feel happy. I always felt anxious about not even giving modeling a shot. It was difficult to initially convince everyone about what I wanted to pursue but now I am happy and only a little scared about what the future holds for me. Although they were happy when I won those titles as I was all over the news but sometimes they feel that I will have to struggle a lot as nothing comes easy in this industry.

My dad moved back to Chandigarh after he retired from the Indian Navy and he was happy about the fact that I have achieved all of this without any help or external support. It was a tough journey; can you imagine a nineteen-year-old girl always thinking about this instead of thinking about chilling with her friends? I always focused on this and try to work out a way that I can crack into this industry. But I am also grateful that my personality and my height make people believe in me.

Team Sociobits: Today, having a social presence is very important, do you believe so too? If yes, why?

Renu Kaushal: Yes, I believe that having a social presence is very important. Before the pandemic maybe it was not so important but this is not the case now. I have seen that people don’t want to see you in person but they want to see your social media accounts. I have also seen people being 24×7 active on Instagram. This is the reality right now but because of this, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with things. I am shooting and simultaneously I am also active on my social media accounts. It is hard to balance both things.

Team Sociobits: Since you also identify as an influencer, what does being an influencer mean to you?

Renu Kaushal: I also love doing yoga and I am a fitness freak so I post my workout videos. During the pandemic, I started getting DMs from people for simple workout videos as most of them complained about gaining weight. Even when I was in LA, people asked me often about how do I keep myself fit. All of us were sitting at home and we didn’t do a lot of physical activity so I started sending them videos of the yoga asanas that would help them.

This is how I stumbled upon ‘influencing’. I never thought about being an influencer but when I started posting my workout videos I started being regarded as an influencer. This was something new for me but I started enjoying it because people we expecting something from me and it was related to something I am into. I like encouraging people to be fit and giving them workout tips so even though I was not looking out to be an influencer, I got into it.

I personally am very health conscious. I don’t miss out on my workouts and I am very disciplined. I wake up early and I take care of my health and sleep first. So, I feel that if I can help people in any way, even through ‘influencing’, I would willingly do it.

Team Sociobits: What message would you like to give aspiring models/influencers?

Renu Kaushal: I would like to say that you should do something that you can constantly do. Don’t keep changing your path. If you are interested in yoga, do it religiously; don’t shift your focus to travel, fashion, or food. Try to focus on one thing and make your mark on it.

My focus has always been modeling and yoga is a part of my lifestyle. If you have good content and you feel strongly about it, then focus on it, and maybe later you can move on to diversify.

I have seen people start doing all the things simultaneously. They begin with a lot of things and that way they cannot be the expert on any one subject. If you check out international profiles, you can see that everyone is an influencer.

“I have a Punjabi movie lined up and the shooting has begun. This movie is with Gippy Grewal, and we had been cast for this some time ago, we have begun shooting it.”

– Renu Kaushal

Apart from this, you should take care of your health. You should eat healthy food, eat on time and sleep on time. Maybe because I come from a family that has a defense background, I have a habit of waking up at six in the morning. Until the world wakes up, I am done with half of my day, and inculcating these habits will keep you healthy and energetic throughout the day. I think taking care of this is very important for this generation.

So, take care of yourself because when you feel well, you can take care of others. Lastly, I don’t just preach these things, I follow them too. You won’t believe that when I have to attend a party or a social event, I pack by eleven thirty – twelve pm On the days when I am home, I sleep by ten thirty.

Team Socioobits: What is your road map for the future?

Renu Kaushal: I want to pursue acting right now. I have a Punjabi movie lined up and the shooting has begun. This movie is with Gippy Grewal and we had been cast for this some time ago and we have started its shoot.

I had just come back from a Web Series shoot in Chandigarh and the next morning I got a call that I need to fly again for this movie. So, right now this is what I am focusing on. Although I thought I’ll spend some time in Bombay, I am back on schedule and along with the movie, I am also planning to go to IIFA. But I love this schedule. I love the way work is coming my way and I am glad that I am busy.

Renu Kaushal feels that sitting and comparing yourself with others is not an option. All you need to do is patiently wait for the right time and keep working on your craft.

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