How to publish posts in different languages on your Facebook Page


Arguing against Globalization is like arguing against the law of Gravity”- Kofi Annan

In this era, where everything and everyone wants to spread worldwide, wouldn’t you want to know how much your social networking sites could do for you? Well then, there are good news people! Facebook has helped you break one of the most important barriers of your communication-Language.

Yes, you heard it right, you can now inform, instruct and impart your information regarding any matter, in any language and the best part is that you don’t even need to learn the language; Facebook will translate it for you.

Not that Facebook didn’t know you needed this before, it had this option but now modified for better. You might be a social media expert or a business development executive struggling hard to communicate with a global audience. All of you, would want to know how this can be done after all who would not aim bigger and want to spread across the globe, isn’t it?

A few clicks and you can reach millions in second’s time. It lets you update the same post, in many different languages at the same time unlike its previous version, where you had to put a lot of effort and time to post in different languages as it had to be done one by one.

Here’s how Facebook describes this feature:

Your post will be shown to your followers in a language most relevant to them. Comments and likes will be added to the same post.

So, how to go about it?

  • First, write a post.
  • Then you will see an option, ‘write post in another language’, click that.
  • You will find many languages popping up from across the world.
  • Select the languages of your preference by clicking on the option, ‘write in Spanish/French/Hindi’ according to your requirement.
  • Then, just ‘Publish’Publish posts in differnt languages oin Facebook

And you are done; the time taken will be only the time you take to write your post!

But, there is something you need to do before this. Actually, this feature is not automatically enabled in your Facebook account and so you need to enable this to enjoy this facility.

Now, I will acquaint you on how to enable this feature.

  1. Go to ‘settings’.
  2. Now, click on the General
  3. Select the option, ‘Post in Multiple Languages’.
  4. Check the box, ‘Allow people who manage this page to post in multiple languages’.
  5. Don’t forget to ‘Save changes’.

Publish posts in differnt languages oin Facebook - SettingsAnd you are done!

This is all you need to do for an expert marketing strategy to reach millions. Your post, will now reach the people in the language version in which they, are using Facebook.
The original post will receive all the comments and likes.

Global businesses that face the challenges of serving customers speaking different languages or a new firm which would like to expand its horizons into the global world without having to spend half its money to global advertisers, this new tool can come to your rescue of you all.

Also, the hectic hours and a larger team which would have otherwise been required for an effective marketing system to reach your users and potential customers will also be reduced drastically. Thus, making your work much easier and efficient.

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