Netweb Technologies and NVIDIA Join Forces to Boost AI in India


Netweb Technologies, an Indian OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specializing in high-end computing and based in Faridabad, proudly declares its recent collaboration with NVIDIA, a renowned global leader in AI computing, robotics, and gaming advancements. In this exciting partnership, Netweb Technologies has become a manufacturing partner specifically for the cutting-edge NVIDIA Grace CPU Superchip and the GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip server designs.

This means that Netweb Technologies will be actively involved in producing these innovative chips and server designs developed by NVIDIA. The NVIDIA Grace CPU Superchip is a powerful processor, while the GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip is designed for advanced server applications. This collaboration signifies Netweb Technologies’ commitment to contributing to the forefront of technology alongside a globally recognized leader in the field.

Netweb Technologies has announced its ambitious initiative to manufacture more than 10 variations of servers under the AI systems range, named Tyrone. These servers are intended for diverse applications such as AI, high-performance computing, and supercomputing. Utilizing the modular reference design NVIDIA MGX, Netweb’s AI systems aim to address complex workloads in HPC, data science, large language models, edge computing, enterprise AI, and design and simulation.

The AI systems, designed by Netweb, boast versatility and the capability to handle a wide range of tasks, including AI training, inference, and 5G—all within a single system. This design positions them as ideal solutions for the multifaceted demands of contemporary computing environments.

Sanjay Lodha, Chairman and Managing Director of Netweb, expressed confidence in India’s abundant skills, demand, and enthusiasm to leverage AI’s potential for growth. According to Lodha, the success of generative AI and related technologies is intricately linked to robust backend infrastructure and capabilities. He also lauded NVIDIA’s Make-in-India initiative, aligning with the Prime Minister’s vision, as a pivotal step toward bringing locally manufactured technologies up to global standards. This strategic move is anticipated to play a significant role in shaping India’s narrative in the dynamic field of generative AI.

Vishal Dhupar, Managing Director for South Asia at NVIDIA, said, “With artificial intelligence touching almost all businesses and industry verticals, building the right AI infrastructure at the right cost is one of enterprises’ greatest challenges. Netweb’s Tyrone AI systems based on NVIDIA MGX will help tackle these challenges and give flexibility to enterprises for a variety of applications, including generative AI, speech analytics, text analytics, automation and more.”

Vishal Dhupar, the boss at NVIDIA for South Asia, talked about how artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a big deal for all sorts of businesses. He said that the tricky part for companies is setting up the right AI systems without spending too much money. Dhupar thinks that Netweb’s Tyrone AI systems, using NVIDIA MGX, can help with this. He believes these systems give companies the freedom to use AI for different things like creative AI, understanding speech, working with text, and doing tasks automatically. Basically, he sees Netweb’s AI systems as useful tools that make it easier and cheaper for companies to use AI in their everyday work.

The collaboration with NVIDIA, as highlighted by the company, is poised to unlock the vast potential of artificial intelligence (AI) not only in India but also across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. By locally manufacturing systems, the company aims to cultivate a regional ecosystem that can more effectively cater to the burgeoning demands in AI and computing applications within both government and private enterprises.

Netweb Technologies emphasizes that its AI system, rooted in the NVIDIA MGX architecture, provides a flexible platform. This architecture supports various configurations of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), Central Processing Units (CPUs), and Data Processing Units (DPUs). Such flexibility enables the acceleration of a diverse array of workloads within enterprise data centers. This capability positions Netweb’s AI systems as versatile solutions capable of meeting the evolving needs of businesses and government organizations in the rapidly advancing field of AI and computing applications.

To sum it up, Netweb Technologies teaming up with NVIDIA is a big deal for bringing more artificial intelligence (AI) power to India and the wider Asia-Pacific area. By making these fancy AI systems locally, Netweb wants to create a strong setup that can handle the growing needs of AI and computing stuff for both the government and businesses. Their AI systems, built on NVIDIA’s MGX architecture, are like flexible tools that can handle different tasks by mixing and matching GPUs, CPUs, and DPUs. This move not only keeps up with global tech standards but also puts India on the map for AI and high-tech computing.

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