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The power of the internet- social media, gambling, and beyond


Did you know that  according to 81% of adults use social media? And as the figures are continuing to grow, year on year, the chances are that pretty much everyone will soon. In fact, by 2020 estimates that there will be 75 billion devices that are connected to the internet, meaning that pretty much everyone in the world will be able to access the internet. This obviously has a huge impact on the way that we interact with people, as well as what we use the internet for. In 2017, we do not just use the internet for communicating with friends, and googling the answers to questions that are stuck in our minds- it has truly revolutionised every aspect of our lives. From accessing health care, to shopping, to working, and now gambling- everything can be done through the power of the internet.

A growing trend.

A growing trend.

The popularity of online casinos and betting is growing so quickly that high streets bookies and casinos are feeling the pinch. In order to stay relevant and keep profits high, they have needed to switch to the online world and offer their services through applications, desktop PC’s and portable devices. People want to be able to gamble on the go, bet in their lunch break, and play poker on their commute to work, and the operators have responded.

Just take as a classic example, they offer a truly staggering range of online casino games, slots, and other gambling entertainment options that far surpass anything you would find in a traditional casino. Online providers are not limited by space, overheads, or staff and they can and do offer hundreds and sometimes even thousands of games for your enjoyment. You can choose from all the classics such as poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, craps, slots, keno, bingo, and more- the gambling world is quite literally, your oyster.

But is it safe?

But is it safe?

Now with the internet, comes concerns about safety and security. Luckily, these online providers that offer gambling through apps and websites have taken this into account and take every step possible to protect their clientele. From encrypted data exchange, so dedicated third party payment providers, they have client safety at number one. Because after all, in such a competitive sector where reputation is everything, a slip up with a client’s data can meet irreparable damage.

With the world of online casinos, gambling, and betting, accelerating at an incredibly high rate, one thing is for sure that its popularity is going to keep growing. More and more people are going to be logging on and winning real cash prizes in virtual gambling environments, live games rooms, and amazing video slots. The days of sitting in a smoky casino are long behind us and according to , gambling on the go is here to stay!

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