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Reddit Tests NFT Profile Picture Feature Similar to Twitter


Using this new feature, users of Reddit will be free to use any NFT they own as their profile picture – not only the Ethereum-based CryptoSnoos that were available last year in limited quantities. Recently, Twitter has introduced a similar feature that lets users set their NFTs as their profile pictures, with the photos themselves displaying information about the NFT when clicked, and being hexagon-shaped to distinguish them from the standard profile picture. Reddit has yet to decide how NFT support will work, however. Reddit told TechCrunch that this particular NFT test is in very early stages and has yet to be shared publicly.

Reddit spokesperson Tim Rathschmidt said that the company is currently testing the possibility of using NFTs as profile pictures (avatars) and verifying ownership. On Reddit, we’re always looking for new ways to offer value to users and communities. Currently, the capability is being tested internally and there are no plans to expand it. NFT-related initiatives have been part of Reddit’s experimentation for a while, and there is even a page dedicated to NFT-related activities at For now, the page focuses on Reddit’s own digital collectibles, the CryptoSnoos.

Reddit’s alien mascot, Snoo, is the inspiration for the “Snoo” part of the word. The collectibles themselves are variations on Snoo’s image. As an example, one depicts the mascot as a blocky image, while another shows it as a helium balloon. CryptoSnoos have only been released in four varieties so far. CryptoSnoos was met with only mixed reactions. In the comments section of the announcement post, many Redditors criticized Reddit’s expansion into NFTs as “idiotic,” “a gimmick” or worse. A large number of people were concerned about NFTs’ high prices, which prevented them from participating in the ecosystem. However, others were neutral as well as supportive of Reddit’s efforts.

This reflects the polarized reception NFTs are getting across industries. Using NFT profile pictures, for instance, someone built a tool to block Twitter accounts. A significant backlash led Discord and Mozilla to pause crypto projects. As traditional game publishers tried to transition into crypto, gaming communities erupted into chaos. As these were just an initial test, Reddit does not plan on launching more CryptoSnoos.

Image Credits: Nima Owji

Nima Owji is the first person to have spotted the NFT test. On Reddit’s web app, he found a banner mentioning the project. Reddit’s communities showed it at the top of their main pages, but the users weren’t shown it. According to Owji, the image could tell of a larger expansion beyond CryptoSnoos, since it includes a variety of images representing NFTs besides just the Reddit alien-themed CryptoSnoos. Additionally, the banner clearly explains the expanded scope; it states, “Your NFT now your avatar! ” It continues, “You can now use digital collectibles as your Reddit avatar.”

At the time, he said, the “Get Started” button did not work. The reddit alien is also mentioned in Owji’s review of Reddit’s code as a test collection of NFTs on OpenSea that appear to be variations on the Reddit alien. (None are for sale.) These were created on Rinkeby, a test network for Ethereum that is designed to run blockchain experiments before being published on Ethereum’s main network. The Reddit team did not reveal what types of blockchains would be supported if its NFT avatars were to be launched or offer any further details on their supported blockchains.

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