Solstreet Club: Making Healthy Living Affordable

SolStreet Club has products that are organic and pocket-friendly for customers. They are not only good for the customer's health but also the planet's health.


When we think of the word ‘organic’ or ‘natural’, the next word that comes to our mind is ‘expensive’. This may be true by most of our experiences but Solstreet Club is an Indian startup that tries to make healthy living affordable for everyone.

Solstreet Club is an online retail store that offers a variety of organic, natural grocery and lifestyle products. This startup was founded by Ms. Neha Rane in 2016 and it operated in the offline model before COVID-19 hit our lives. The company later switched to the online mode and aims to sell products that are not only good for your health but also the health of the planet.

This online store is user-friendly and you can access it by entering your delivery or pickup location at the homepage.  The products available in Solstreet Club are environmentally friendly and selected carefully by keeping in mind that the customer’s health is of utmost importance. You can choose from a range of categories including natural supplements, healthy snacks, grains and nuts, etc. From red poha to quinoa to muesli, the options are countless!

It offers a subscription-based model to customers and the best part is members can receive up to 40% off (on MRP) on the top organic brands in India. This is done to maximize the value and make organic pocket-friendly for customers. The company uses the services of Mumbai Dabbawalas for carbon-neutral shipping and maintains plastic-free warehouses.

Solstreet Club was also a part of TIIPS- Touchwood Incubation and Innovation Platforms for Startups. Organized by JBIMS- Jamnalal Bajaj Institue of Management Studies, TIIPS is an investment program that uplifts start-ups in India.  

About the Founder

Ms. Neha Rane, founder of Solstreet Club has completed her MSc in Marketing in the UK and then worked with tech startups.With her educational qualification, she moved forward by starting her pop-ups production company in the US. Before founding Solstreet Club, she worked with a lot of sustainable and organic brands.

Neha Rane wants to build a climate social company by offering products that are good for consumers’ health as well as the planet’s health.

Her experience and ‘gut-feeling’ made her confident that this could be the next big thing in India. The organic food product market is largely unexplored and affordable options for consumers are limited in the country. She identified this gap and founded Solstreet Club. With this startup, Ms. Rane wants to build a climate social company by offering products that are good for consumers’ health as well as the planet’s health.

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