There’s truth in the saying, ‘too much of anything is bad’ – and the same is true of social media services too! From home insurance sellers to FMCG giants, everybody uses social media sites, especially Facebook, to promote products and services, reach out to target buyers and develop a brand image. However, you need to consider if all such efforts are actually fruitful or your brand is just wasting time on Facebook.

Here are a few things you might want to stop doing if your brand is wasting time on Facebook:

#1. Going overboard with promotional content

Using Facebook for product or service promotion is one thing, but spamming your target audience with the same promotion repeatedly won’t help your brand. Instead of just posting a promotional offer or discount on your brand’s Facebook page, you could come up with a post that offers the target audience some insight into the product or service, along with the offer.

#2. Mixing Instagram with Facebook

Just because Instagram is now part of Facebook it does not mean you MUST post all the Instagram images of your company on its Facebook Page too! Remember, the profiles of both services serve varying purposes- Instagram for images and 15-second videos, Facebook is not so limited! The audience category on both profiles may be different and so same content on both may be counterproductive. If you need help separating the two, try these tips.

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#3. Comment wars

An irate customer may post a few negative comments on the Facebook page of your company. It may be bad for your brand image, but getting into a comment war will be worse. Try to get into the root of the problem and reply to the customer via messenger. There is every possibility that the customer may change their view in some time.

#4. Skimping on tests for Facebook ads

They're that happy because they tested their ads.  Yes, they are.
They’re that happy because they tested their ads. Yes, they are.

Facebook gives businesses the chance to run split tests for ads. This lets you send two versions of ads – with some differences – to varying target audiences. It lets you find out which ad is more effective. If you think skipping this testing saves you time, you may be losing out business growth opportunity. You should test elements of ads, including format, placement and copy length. So, you may try out variations of each ad you make and use the most viable one.

#5. Using videos from third party sources

Since last one year, Facebook offers native support for video. So, if you are still using YouTube videos on your company’s Facebook Page, it is time to think beyond it. Using Facebook videos will let your target viewers get engaged far better. The autoplaying videos ensure minimal user distraction. Besides, posting the Facebook videos and evaluating their performance can aid you in picking content for forthcoming video ads.

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#6. Ignoring the ‘about’ section

Fill up the ‘about’ section on your brand’s Facebook page. You’d be amazed at how many people actually look in this section to learn details about your company instead of going to the company website. Give them a reason to click your company’s website, by giving them enough information to make them curious about your site. A blank page with a couple of perfunctory sentences won’t do that.


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