Top 5 Clever Facebook Prank Ideas To Pull On April Fools’ Day


So the day is arriving, April 1st, where people around the globe jump into the opportunity to prank their friends. No one is safe that day, everyone tries to joke their friends, co-workers, family etc. even internet search giant ‘Google’ has fooled its users by saying its going launch new products such as Google Nose and Gmail Blue. Stupid! Isn’t it? To be honest, I really believed those Google Nose crap atleast for 10 minutes, then, when I looked the date on my desktop I realized Google has trolled me. Pranksters, got inspired? Let’s do it. Don’t be ashamed of pranking your friends on this fools’ day. Just because you are an adult does not mean you have to act like one, April 1st is the license to fool your buddies.

Facebook is the best platform to pull pranks so far. It’s the place where you can see all your friends, family, co-workers etc. in one place. Pulling a prank on Facebook seems the obvious place to have a little April Fools’ Day fun. So, here we compiled little prank ideas that can be used in Facebook to fool your friends.

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#1. Facebook Status update pranks

A common April fools’ prank status is fake pregnancy, it might get a lot likes and comments. Alternatively you can select on from the below:

  • Bye bye Everybody bye bye USA
  • I’m being transferred and moving to a different country (specify a place)
  • Won the lottery!
  • You can not touch your lower lip with your tongue.
  • If you don’t want to see an April Fool on April 1st, just break down all mirrors on your house on march 31. 

#2. Change Your Relationship Status

Another way to fool your friends on Facebook is changing your relationship status. This will works better if you are the type of person who changes your relationship status infrequently. But be sure, if you’re in a real relationship just tell it your partner before pulling the prank.

#3. Change Your Birthday To April 1st

This will surely get a lot of likes and comments, it will be fun looking how many of your folks actually end up with wishing you a happy birthday.

#4. Create a Fake Facebook Profile

You can create a fake profile in Facebook and can troll your friends with it. Put a funny name to that fake profile, for instance, name it “No One” and send a friend request, they read it as “No one wants to be your friend on Facebook”

#5. Change Your Facebook Cover Photo or Profile Picture

Other methods to prank your friends on Facebook are changing your profile picture and cover photo or  posting prank pictures. You can upload a photo of yourself in which you pretend to be injured or just Photoshop it.

Bonus: Here are some cover photos that can be uploaded in Facebook.

1. April Fools Magician Rabbit Facebook Cover Photo

April Fools Magician Rabbit Facebook Cover Photo 2. Cat With Crown Facebook Cover Photo

Cat With Crown Facebook Cover Photo

3. Joker April Fools’ Facebook Cover Photo

Joker April Fools' Facebook Cover Photo4. Women Bathroom Prank Facebook Cover Photo

Women Bathroom Prank Facebook Cover Photo5. April Fool Frog Facebook Cover Photo

April Fool Frog Facebook Cover Photo
Anyone ever fooled you or you pranked anyone on Facebook? Tell your story in comments.

Top image: iStockPhoto

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