30 Top Funniest Photos To Attach With Facebook Comments


Are you searching for funny photos to troll your friends with Facebook Photo Comments ? You’re in the right place. Now-a-days you might have seen different brand-new picture comments on Facebook Pages. The ability to add photos in comments was originally rolled out on June for Facebook desktop websites and latter it became available to Mobile version. After rolling out the feature, it became very popular. Obviously it’s the best way to express our comments and feelings about the Facebook post through funny, loving cute photos.

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This week, we’re going to surprise you with what you have been waiting for. As the title says, we’re collected most funniest Facebook photo comments into a single place. Here we arranged 40 best pictures to comment on Facebook updates/status.
You can upload photo on Facebook as comment by clicking on the small camera icon on the right side of text area(where typing comments).
Then what are you waiting for ? Play with these photo comments! Have a happy commenting… :)

#1. Cool Story Bro.Cool Story Bro. [Facebook Photo Comment 2013]

#2. Don’t Stop Working, We have to Find A Joke.

 #3. Stop, Stop, I’m gonna Pee.


#4. OMG! Who The Hell Cares?

#5. Magic- Mr.Bean

#6. I Get It.


#7. Minions – WTF ?


#8. Should I Laugh or Something?


#9. Sooo ? – Cute Baby.

 #10. Stop Reposting Old


#11. Alrighty Then

 #12. Explain This S***


#13.  Give That Man a Medal – Obama

#14. So Funny, I forgot to Laugh


#15. Fabulous!

#17. I Can’t Hear You – Crazy Cat

#18. I Love This Post!

 #19. That Joke Killed Me!


#20. I Saw This Weeks Ago

#21. Shut Up And Take My Like

#22. Respect To Your Intelligence


#23. RIP English!


#24. Really? – Cat

#25. I’m Going To Need Two Guns For This One

#26. Who Comes Up With This ?

#27. Insert Brain Here!


 #28. Oh, That’s Nasty!

#29. Whoa! Just Take It Easy Man!

#30. Bring Me That Child – MJ


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