Top 50 NFT Captions and Quotes for every NFT enthusiast’s social media posts

Here are the top NFT captions that you can use on your Instagram, Facebook, and other social media accounts to present your NFT collection!


NFTs or non-fungible tokens have been the buzzword for a long time now. NFTs have been sold at unimaginable rates which gives people more reason to further look for its use cases. As of now, NFTs are helping artists gain the recognition and value they have always deserved. Since NFTs are developed on a blockchain, it ensures ownership rights to the NFT holder.

If you are an NFT creator and are wondering what could be the perfect line or caption to showcase your NFT collection, then here are some NFT captions and quotes that you can add to your NFT collection and show it off to the world!

Short NFT Captions

If you want to give people an idea that you are into NFTs but don’t want to give them too much information about it then here are some short NFT captions that would suit your social media profiles. Since these captions are super short, you can also use them as Instagram Notes.

  • NFTs are they in the room with us?
  • NFTs
  • In love with NFTs
  • NFT Creator
  • NFT enthusiast
  • Official NFT lover
  • NFT: New Fresh Thing
  • NFTing all the time.
  • Ask me about my life or NFTs
  • Your ticket to heaven. NFTs

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Best NFT Captions

I think the word best is enough to need to know about these NFT captions that we will mention below. You can use these best NFT captions to portray some of your best NFT artworks.

  • NFTs – the next level of when wealth and ignorance collide.
  • You’re a rare vintage digital asset we couldn’t afford.
  • Try to put yourself in the shoes of the Gifs when they find out they are being traded illegally.
  • Oh boy, privatizing memes you won’t be able to post memes in 2030 because you don’t own the NFTs.
  • NFTs are the future. But it can be scary to get started.
  • Collecting art just got modern!
  • If there’s one thing more unique than my art, then it’s my art turned into an NFT
  • NFT: Next Fresh Thing or, the Next Best Thing?
  • Even though I don’t have any cryptocurrency, I am the gif owner.

Top NFT Captions

Here are some of the top NFT captions that you can use to complement your creations and showcase them on social media.

  • NFTs, give your weirdest ape imagination credibility!
  • So much NFT collecting, so little time.
  • If you want something to be truly and wholeheartedly yours, turn it into an NFT
  • I put the “fun” in non-fungible tokens
  • The new way to become a millionaire. – NFT
  • I eat, sleep, and drink NFTs
  • Looks like Doge ain’t the only meme out there that is making guys money.
  • Truly, Madly, Deeply in love with this NFT collection.
  • Why Netflix & Chill when you can NFT & Chill? 
  • Collecting digital art is the best hobby ever.

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Funny NFT Captions

There’s a good chance that a lot of your followers still don’t know a lot about NFTs and a great way to let them know that you are the right person to ask them that would be by using these funny NFT captions.

  • Crypto collecting. Like Pokemon cards for adults.
  • I’ve got 99 problems but NFTs ain’t one.
  • NFTs are the future. But it can be scary to get started.
  • NFT is a brand-new phenomenon that is creating billionaires in the online world.
  • Still trying to figure out NFTs
  • If you don’t have many NFTs in your collection, the nerds will tell you that you’re wasting your time.
  • Thinking whether NFTs are a waste of time or not.
  • Keep calm and collect NFTs
  • Presenting; the artist and the NFT art!
  • NFTs are your new assets in the digital world.

I put the “fun” in non-fungible tokens

NFT Captions for Instagram

Meta has been pushing a lot of efforts so that creators can use Instagram as a platform to showcase their NFT creations. It also recently announced that it will start allowing certain digital creators to create and sell their NFTs on the platform. Here are a few NFT captions that you can use on your Instagram.

  • I just went to Google and downloaded a free gif to my computer. To me, it appears to be the same.
  • Soon, I’ll be an NFT influencer!
  • Can I slide into your DMs by talking about NFTs?
  • Try to put yourself in the shoes of the Gifs when they find out they are being traded illegally.
  • Social Media platforms are going to change by introducing NFTs
  • I see the dawn of the NFTs
  • The advantage of NFT is that every item can be traced back to the original issuer.
  • Soon there will be mints that would be called NFTs
  • Start the day with coffee and end the day with NFTs
  • I think I have found my calling. NFTs

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Now that NFTs have also made their entry on Instagram, other social media giants like Facebook, are soon to follow. Twitter had also previously rolled out an NFT profile picture feature for its users. You can use these NFT captions to present your finest NFT collections. These NFT captions can help you describe your love for NFTs in a short and precise way.

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