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How to Track your Target Audience with Social Media


Social Media offers many tools to strategise business and reach your target audience. If you know their use and their potential, you are sure to find response to your social media campaign quite encouraging. There are a large number of social platforms that serve as marketing ground for your products and services. However, the point is to choose the ones that could direct you towards the right audience for your products. So rather than seeking which social media platform you’re comfortable with, you should seek the platform that will reach your perfect audience. The need is to track the platforms that your target audiences are already using.

Here, we discuss a few ways that help you track your target audience and their behaviour on social media platforms:

Use tools to analyse your brand/product popularity in the social circle

Use effective tools like Social Crawlytics, which is a free tool to analyse URLs and to find out their popularity across the social sphere. This is a great tool to evaluate your content’s social shares from any URL. This simple tool gives you stats on everything ranging from highly shared posts, the social networks which share the content/posts, top authors on that site and much more. All you need to do is add the web address of the site you want to observe. So simply enter the URL of your company and you can find the necessary details easily. This way you can track the social site that shares your posts the most and it will clearly indicate the best active social sites for your audience. This tool can also be used to track your competitors’ posts, too.

Track Platform advertising options to check audience stats

It’s good to analyse competitors, but one might not be aware of their competitors or might not have any direct opponents. If you have no direct competitor to compare, it also causes complexity. However, there are ways to track social platforms where you can find your target consumers. The major players like LinkedIn or Twitter or even Facebook offer options of their own advertising, which are quite easy as they offer set procedures to be followed.

Moreover, such platforms also offer a potential audience size to give you an idea of your potential reach. This audience size is primarily based on the targeting options that you add-in while initiating the procedure. For instance, in Facebook you can choose the location, age, gender, interests, relationship status, workplace and education of your target audience. If you get more specific, you will have limited but targeted audience and that is likely to give you a greater chance of reaching them even with a limited budget. This way, you can check the size of potential audience on each of the platforms you use.

Use tools to analyse the Most Shared Industry Content

With tools like BuzzSumo, a content discovery tool to find stats on social shares for any URL, you can search content based on a particular topic. So you can enter keywords and get a list of the most shared articles with those keywords. You can use the data received from each social network on BuzzSumo and create a graph or a chart to find out how much the content has been shared, and analyse the most popular content to find out why they got so popular, and how you can reach those dizzying heights. Track your target audience, and find out what their online behaviour is. For more help, track some great campaigns. After all, there’s nothing like learning from the best!

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