What’s Tumblr and How to use its Features!


Today morning I found my friend sitting idle and staring at her phone. When I asked her about what was bothering her she turned towards me and started yelling out ‘none of my friends are on Facebook.

All day they keep spending time at some micro blogging site. What the hell is this tumblr and how come it is gaining such huge popularity?’ Well I don’t blame this drama queen.

Many of you might have actually wondered what this tumblr is and how does it work.

What is tumblr?

Tumblr is just another micro blogging site but what makes it special is that here you can share almost anything ranging from photos to quotes, text to links, chats to audio and much more. It is like one site for everything. You don’t have to upload your videos on YouTube but simply put the media directly on tumblr and see the magic it creates.

Still wondering why your friends are spending more time on tumblr? Don’t you want to join them?

Tumblr Logo
Tumblr Logo

How to get started?

Step:1 Log in

First you need to log in to the site. You will require your email id, password and a username. You might find the username part a little annoying. I myself had to try 20 times before I chose a username which was not registered.

So you can try something unique there and once you become a part of this community, you can change it anytime you want.

Step:2 Customize

Let’s make things a little better and eye-catchy. Now here you can upload your image, change your username (if you were not satisfied with the earlier one or if simply you wish to change) and personalize it like choosing a background, font, color and most importantly theme.

Tumblr offers a wide range of themes to choose from. You can either go for a free theme but if you want to stand out you can go for a paid one.

Step:3 Dashboard

Now that you are done with arranging your desk it’s time to meet the tumblr tool, the dashboard. In the dashboard you find different icon for different kind of post; text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio and video.

Depending upon the type of post it serves up different temples.

Many a cases it happens the moment you start writing everybody wants you to do something or the other. Keep calm and attend to their need because in the dashboard you get an opportunity to save what you write as drafts or schedule it. This saves your time and you can even write when you are offline.

Now that you are familiar with the simple and easy dashboard it is time to create your original and interesting content.

Step:4 Interact with other users

Like Facebook and twitter here you can follow and un-follow your fellow users. Once you follow a person on tumblr their posts appears o your dashboard just like the news feed on Facebook. You can also like and reblog others post.

Here you can also ask and answer. By allowing access to your ask box you activate ‘ask me anything’ feature. You can ask any number of questions and also answer them.

Well what more could be interesting?

Tumblr came up with a free mobile app for ios and android phones. Now you can get access to tumblr anywhere and everywhere.

So when are you planning to join this amazing community? Good luck.


Ease of Use


Tumblr is a pretty neat micro blogging platform that helps you to make and pull control over your micro blogs and posts.

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Tumblr is a pretty neat micro blogging platform that helps you to make and pull control over your micro blogs and posts.What's Tumblr and How to use its Features!