Five Most Useful WordPress Plugins for Twitter

Getting the word out is important if you have a blog. That job is made easier with these five great WordPress plugins for Twitter.


Despite all its merits, even a popular CMS like WordPress can prove inefficient in helping your content reach a wider audience, making social media promotions inevitable. What could be a better medium for social media promotions than Twitter! Use these five efficient WordPress plugins for Twitter to driving more traffic to your WordPress site through the micro-blogging site:

#1. WP to Twitter

This is one of the basic yet most crucial of WP plugins for Twitter. Anyone who has been familiar with the world of blogging knows the importance of timing posts perfectly. You have to know when a majority of your target audience appears online and schedule your blog posts to be published at this optimum time. However, it is not practical to be present at your desk for publishing posts and then sharing it on social media at all times. The WP to Twitter plugin comes to your rescue here, as it tweets from your Twitter handle as soon as a scheduled post is published.

#2. Twitter Widget Pro

This is a highly usable plugin that brings Twitter feed display to WordPress. The plugin accords complete feature compatibility with key Twitter elements such as hashtags, link parsing and usernames. The widget plugin can be placed anywhere in the widget area on a given WordPress template. Once this plugin has been successfully installed, users can monitor the display of Tweet time and date from the WordPress control panel itself. The Twitter Widget Pro plugin runs on WordPress 3.0 and beyond.

WordPress Twitter#3. Twitter Buttons

The best way to promote your blog is to get your audience to talk to about it on social media. As your blog gains popularity, the traffic to your site will also increase. You can make the most of your avid followers by installing the Twitter Buttons plugin that allows visitors to the site to share the content they like. The plugin offers four options – share a link, follow, hashtag, and mention. Your best bet here is to get your visitors to check the ‘follow’ option, as it helps you earn permanent followers to your blog and expand your outreach.

#4. Twitter Digest

The Twitter Digest plugin is designed to extract recent posts from your WordPress account and post them on Twitter in a single post. The plugin is a great way to keep your work fresh in their memory. The Twitter Digest picks up tweets at random and users have the option of customizing it by removing or adding certain posts on this list. The ‘My Tweets’ list drawn up by Twitter Digest can either be uploaded automatically or saved to be published later.

#5. Tweet Old Posts

This plugin is similar to the Twitter Digest in the sense that it also reposts older tweets on the social media site. However, Tweet Old Posts does this on a single-tweet basis instead of drawing up a whole list. You can use this plugin to tweet links to older posts every once in a while – like a ‘classics’ reminder. The frequency of reposting archived content can be customized through the settings option.

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